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A New Vessel Full Of Salt
      Reading: Matthew 5:13; 2 Kings 2:1-22; Acts 1:1-9. God's Provision For This World In the portions of Scripture listed above, we read of the days when the great prophet Elijah was about to be taken up to heaven. God sent Elijah at a time when Israel was turning further and further away from their God. He was a mighty prophet.

Be Filled With The Holy Spirit
      I saw a cartoon once of the disciples waiting in the upper room to be filled with the Holy Spirit (Acts 1:12-14). (We know now that they waited for ten days, but at that time, none of them knew how long they would have to wait.) One of them walks out of the door on the ninth day, saying that he is tired of waiting and is going home. He tells the ot

      I thank God for the liberty I've had these last two days. And I've felt that where I have liberty, this means there are responsive hearts open to the voice of the Holy Spirit. I want to read a verse first in James, chapter 4, verse 5. It says, "Do you think the scripture speaks to no purpose? He (that is God) jealously desires the spirit which

Faith to Fulfil all of God's Will
      I will speak this morning about faith. In my own life, this was something I couldn't understand for many years. In the earlier part of my life and even the earlier part of my Christian life. And I wanted to get an answer from the Word of God, because I saw this verse in Hebrews 11, in verse six, which says, "Without faith it is impossible to pleas

       Now this session, in continuation of submission to God's authority, we want to consider submission to God's principles in the area of finance, and money, and mammon in general. I want to show you a few verses concerning some fundamental principles in this area. First, let me go down to practical matters. First of all, 1st Corinthians Chapter 1

Freedom from Fear
      One of the first things we read that happened to Adam as soon as he sinned, and when God came and spoke to him, was that he got afraid. It's the first time that fear is mentioned in the Bible. When God came to him and He asked where he was hiding among the trees. And he said, 'I was afraid,' and ever since that day sin and separation from God broug

      GOD NEEDS MEN God needs men today - *** men who will stand before His face and hear His voice daily, *** men who have no desire in their heart for anyone or anything other than God Himself, *** men who fear Him so greatly that they hate sin in every form and love righteousness and truth in all their ways, *** men who have overcome an

God's Perfect Plan For Those Who Have Failed
      There are many brothers and sisters who feel that because they have sinned and failed God at some time in their past lives, therefore they cannot fulfil God's perfect plan for their lives now. Let us look at what the Scriptures have to say on this matter, and not lean on our own understanding or our sense of logic. Notice first of all how t

Lovers of the Truth
      "Hearing of how the New Covenant is superior to the Old in many ways; and one of the ways we read in Psalm 51, David said when he had sinned and was repenting of his sin, he says in verse six, "Behold, Oh God, Thou doest desire truth in the innermost being...." He didn't have it. I don't believe anybody in the Old Covenant could have it. But he kn

Our Accomplishments Or God's Gifts?
      (A message given at Christian Fellowship Centre on April 23, 2000) Let's turn to Genesis chapter 4. We read here of two of Adam's children - Cain and Seth - who were given names by Eve. She named her firstborn son "Cain" meaning, "I have created" (Gen.4:1-Living). Eve felt she had accomplished something great b

Proving God's Perfect Will
      When faced with an issue concerning which we are unsure as to whether it is God's will or not, it is good for us to ask ourselves twelve questions. As we answer these questions honestly, it will become increasingly clear to us what the will of God is. (1) Is it contrary to any of the teachings of Jesus and the apostles, or to the spirit of t

       I'll preach this morning on the paths of the righteous. As we read on Proverbs Chapter 4 and verse 18, Proverbs 4:18 says, 'The paths of the righteous is like the light of dawn that shines brighter and brighter until the full day'. The picture here is of sunrise when the darkness is over, the night is over, and the light gets brighter, and bri

Secure in Knowing God as Our Father
      John 1:18 speaks about one of the purposes Jesus had in coming to earth. Most people think He came only to die for our sins, but let's look at this verse: 'No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son, which is in the bosom of the Father, he hath declared him.' Before Jesus came to this earth, people could not know God as their Father. Y

Some Important Truths That I Have Learnt
      During the 40 years that I have been a born-again Christian, I have learnt some important truths that have encouraged me and given direction and purpose to my life. I share them here with you with the hope that they will be an encouragement to you as well. 1. God loves us as He loved Jesus "Thou didst love them, even as Thou didst lov

The Law of Humility
      God has made this world to operate according to certain laws. There are laws in the natural realm, in this inanimate creation. There are also laws in our human body. And when we understand those laws, and submit ourselves to them, we get the benefit of those laws. Take electricity, for example. Electricity is something which man did not invent, but

The Meaning Of The Tabernacle
      Summary of Bible-studies given at a Conference in Bangalore India - December 26 to 28, 2000) Reading: Exodus chapters 25 to 31; and 35 to 40. The Old Testament tabernacle was to be a sanctuary where God could dwell in the midst of Israel (Exod.25:8). It was also a picture of Jesus Who came in the flesh and 'tabernacled

The Parables Of Jesus
      1. Entering God's Kingdom 1. Sower and seed (Mk.4:3-8;Lk.8:15) - 3 types of bad soil and 3 types of good soil (30,60 & 100) 2. Invitees to wedding feast (Mt.22:2-14) - Man refused to wear the freely-offered wedding-garment 3. Houses on rock and sand (Mt.7:24-27) - The importance of a good foundation - of obedience

The Spirit of Grace and Power
      I want to speak today on grace and power in the Holy Spirit. I want to begin with the first promise in the New Testament. Yesterday I mentioned, that when we come to the Word of God, if we don't come with an open mind, we may not see new truths. We'll see the old truths again and again, and perhaps new illustrations to explain the old truths. But i

The Video Tape Of Our Memory
      With a video-camera it is now possible to record exactly the scenes and sounds that we see and hear around us. When this video-tape is later replayed on a screen, it will portray exactly what took place. The Bible says that a day is coming when we will all have to give an account of ourselves to God. When we consider all the billions of people

The Way of Cain
      The first epistle of John was written when John was about 95 years old. He was the only living apostle at that time. All the others had been killed. John had seen the day of Pentecost and the tremendous revival with which the Church of Jesus Christ had started. He also saw in his time the decline of many of the churches that had started in revival.

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