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The Parables Of Jesus

By Zac Poonen

      1. Entering   God's Kingdom

      1.            Sower and seed (Mk.4:3-8;Lk.8:15) - 3 types of bad soil and 3 types of good soil (30,60 & 100)

      2.            Invitees to wedding feast (Mt.22:2-14) - Man refused to wear the freely-offered wedding-garment

      3.            Houses on rock and sand (Mt.7:24-27) - The importance of a good foundation - of obedience

      2. Paying the Price

      4.            Seedtime to harvest (Mk.4:26-29) - Growth comes effortlessly, if we follow the laws of the Spirit

      5.            The mustard tree (Mt.13:31,32) - Artificial growth invites Satan's agents to settle in our midst

      6.            Building a tower (Lk.14:28-30) - 'Disciple-making' (v.26,27,33) alone will complete the tower

      7.            Fighting the enemy (Lk.14:31,32) - The Lord can fight Satan with a few - if they're wholehearted

      8.            Hidden treasure (Mt.13:44) - We have to pay a price for some things in the Christian life

      9.            Pearl of great price (Mt.13:45,46) - We must value Jesus Himself over everything else

      3. Loving God and Man

      10.      Two debtors (Lk.7:41-43) - Love for God comes from knowing how much we've been forgiven

      11.      Unforgiving servant (Mt.18:23-35) - We must forgive all others, because we've been forgiven much

      12.      Good Samaritan (Lk.10:30-37) - We must be alert to human need around us - in our home first of all

      13.      Sheep and goats (Mt.25:31-36) - The 'righteous' helped their needy brothers and sisters

      4. The Danger of Legalism

      14.      Two sons (Mt.21:28-31) - We must mean what we say to God - unlike the Pharisees

      15.      Blind leading the blind (Lk.6:39,40) - If we don't practice what we preach, we're spiritually blind

      16.      Wheat and tares (Mt.13:24-30) - The hypocrites look just like other believers - on the outside

      17.      Fig tree without figs (Lk.13:6-9) - Fig-leaves symbolize human righteousness - cursed by God

      18.      New cloth on old garment (Mt.9:16) - You can't put a patch of Jesus' life on to your Adamic life

      19.      New wine in old wineskins (Mt.9:17) - Grace (new wine) won't fit into the old religious system

      20.      Wise and foolish virgins (Mt.25:1-13) - Love for Jesus (oil) alone will make our light shine forever

      5. Four Types of Backsliders

      21.      Lost sheep (Lk.15:3-7) - Some go astray through carelessness and lack of fellowship

      22.      Lost coin (Lk.15:8-10) - Some go astray through the failure and neglect of the church

      23.      Prodigal son & Elder son (Lk.15:11-32) - Some go astray through rebellion or spiritual arrogance

      24.      Yeast in meal (Mat.13:33) - Corruption spreads easily in any church - so we must be watchful

      6. Spiritual Pride

      25.      Seating at wedding feast (Lk.14:7-11) - Always seek for the lowly place - as Jesus did

      26.      Laborers in vineyard (Mt.20:1-16) - There is hope for those who come to the Lord late in life

      27.      Master and slave (Lk.17:7-10) - When we have obeyed everything, we're still unworthy

      28.      Pharisee and tax-collector (Lk.18:9-14) - God opposes the proud and those who despise others

      29.      Children in market (Lk.7:31-35) - Religious people will criticize us no matter what we do

      7. Watching and Praying

      30.      Persistent widow (Lk.18:1-8) - A weak believer can prevail in prayer with his heavenly Father

      31.      Persistent neighbor (Lk.11:5-8) - We must seek for the gifts of the Spirit - to help others

      32.      Father and children (Lk.11:11-13) - God is better than the best of earthly fathers

      33.      Watching servants (Mt.24:45-51; Mk.13:34) - We must be alert - especially the doorkeepers

      34.      Fig tree and other trees (Lk.21:29-32) - Israel's return to the land is a sign of Christ's return

      8. Being Faithful With God's Gifts

      35.      Wicked tenants (Mt.21:33-41) - All we have is a loan from God - for which we are accountable

      36.      Rich fool (Lk.12:16-21) - He who is not 'rich toward God' with his earthly life and things is a fool

      37.      Talents - 5,2 and 1 (Matt.25:14-30) - We must be faithful with the smallest gifts God gives us

      38.      Minas - 1 each (Lk.19:12-27) - Time is a gift that God has given in the same measure to all

      39.      Dishonest steward (Lk.16:1-8) - We must use money & material things to win people for heaven

      40.      Good and bad fish (Mt. 13:47,48) - God will finally separate His people from others for all eternity

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