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The Counsel of Peace
      "THE COUNSEL OF PEACE" Zechariah 6 : 13 This chapter, written after the return of the Jews from Babylon, and when they were seeking to rebuild the temple, was intended to encourage them in that work. It speaks therefore of Joshua, Heldai, Tobijah, Jedaiah (those who had come from Babylon), by name. But " no prophecy of the s

The Faith Once Delivered to the Saints
      Jude 3 It is a great thing for us, beloved friends, in all our path to know where we are, and then to know the mind of God, not only as to where we are, but as to our place in the path in which we find ourselves. Not only has God visited us in grace, but we have to take into our minds what the actual present result of that grace is, so that w

The Marriage Supper of the King's Son
      THE MARRIAGE SUPPER OF THE KING'S SON MATTHEW 21:23 to 22:14 If all things were not entirely out of course, every principle of human nature astray from God, there would be no need for all the painstaking on the part of God of which we read in these chapters (and that after all with such strange results), no need of these, in o

The Nature and Unity of the Church
      John 17:21 Luke 12: 36 Collected Writings of J. N. Darby, 1: 20-35, Dublin 1828 The writer of these pages - he trusts, not the author of them - would add whatever God might afford him in ministering to the progress of the Church through the various exercises to which its faith is exposed. He cannot doubt that much of the moral truth on w

The Notion of a Clergyman a Sin Against the Holy Ghost
      THE NOTION OF A CLERGYMAN Dispensationally the Sin Against the Holy Ghost It is necessary to give a brief account of the following tract, which is now published for the first time. It was intended to be published at the time; but the printer and publisher shewed it privately to some of the influential Clergy before it was published,

The Parables
      THE PARABLES MATTHEW 13 : 1-50 I have read to You the entire collection of parables brought together in this chapter, because they collectively contain one general view of the plan of God, as developing "the kingdom of heaven": that it is not an isolated circumstance but a connected whole, full of comfort to the saints of God

The Passage of the Red Sea
      THE PASSAGE OF THE RED SEA HEBREWS I I : 23-29 We have in these verses a little picture drawn by the Spirit of God, of the ways of God in bringing up His people out of Egypt, by the hand of Moses. And we may say it is just a picture of the deliverance of the church from the power of Satan, of the salvation of God and the means

The Prodigal with the Father
      THE PRODIGAL WITH THE FATHER LUKE 15 I take this chapter because one finds that there are many sincere souls who are not in the second condition of this repentant prodigal-that is, when he had been kissed, and robed, and was in the house with the Father-they have not real peace with God. They are still lingering on the way ; an

The Rejected Man
      THE REJECTED MAN Genesis 3 It is a good thing, seeing the great levity of our hearts, that we should all of us sometimes look at our origin, at what we were, and at the actual corruption of the stock whence we are derived. Thus shall we see what God has done, and the revelation He has made of Himself in what we are. Th

The Sufferings of Christ
      THE SUFFERINGS OF CHRIST PSALM 22 : 22 THE whole of this Psalm evidently contains the words and experience of the Lord Jesus Christ. It begins with one of His most momentous sentences, as if a direct quotation from prophecy: "My God, my God, why ast thou forsaken me?" and gives the very words of the infidel Jews, when the Sav

The Ten Virgins
      THE TEN VIRGINS MATTHEW 25 :1-13 There are just two classes of characters which we meet with in the world : first, those who have never heard the way of truth and salvation, and in consequence are not manifestly interested in it ; and, secondly, those who have heard and professed to receive it. But the principles of the latter

The Wheat and the Tares
      THE WHEAT AND THE TARES MATTHEW 13 There is something wonderfully gracious in the way the Lord waits upon His people to instruct them : it is calculated to draw out the affections and the minds of believers in love and gratitude. But how often have they cause for shame, that the occupations of their minds and hearts render them

The Woman of Samaria
      THE WOMAN OF SAMARIA JOHN 4: 1-26 THERE are three chapters in this Gospel of John which speak of the effects and operations of the Spirit of God. The first is one with which we are all doubtless familiar ; namely, chapter 3, which brings before us the power and efficacy of the Holy Ghost in His quickening office-bringing forth

Time and Space
      From: THE BIBLE TREASURY Date: June 1896 TIME AND SPACE I do not think we have any knowledge of time as time in itself. We messure from one event to another, but cannot without facts with intervals. Space is not exactly the same, because we dicern it by a sense which sees an interval at one time. All I know of time is, "I am now." When I comp

Two Warnings and an Example
      TWO WARNINGS AND AN EXAMPLE Being the Substance of a Lecture on Matthew 26 WE have here an example in the case of Jesus, and two warnings in Peter and in Judas. In Peter we may learn the weakness, and in Judas the dreadful wickedness, of the flesh. We get in Jesus what we should aim after. In Judas we see the mere professor, in

Washing the Disciple's Feet
      WASHING THE DISCIPLES' FEET JOHN 13 : 1-11 Two of these verses claim particular attention in commencing our subject. The first is, " Now before the feast of the passover, when Jesus knew that his hour was come that he should depart out of this world unto the Father, having loved his own which were in the world, he loved them

Why Do I Groan?
      WHY DO I GROAN? ROMANS 7 AND 8 THERE is nothing so hard for our hearts as to abide in the sense of grace, to continue practically conscious that " we are not under law, but under grace." It is by grace that the heart is "established"; but then there is nothing more difficult for us really to comprehend than the fulness of g

Wilderness Grace
      WILDERNESS GRACE Exodus 17 Those who are familiar with the study of this part of scripture will remember that the history of Israel from the Red Sea to Sinai (that is, from the time of their deliverance out of Egypt until they placed themselves under law) contains an exceedingly remarkable testimony to the grace of God.

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