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John Nelson Darby

      John Nelson Darby was an Anglo-Irish evangelist, and an influential figure among the original Plymouth Brethren. He is considered to be the father of modern Dispensationalism. He produced a translation of the Bible based on the Hebrew and Greek texts called The Holy Scriptures: A New Translation from the Original Languages by J. N. Darby.

      John Nelson Darby graduated Trinity College, Dublin, in 1819 and was called to the Irish bar about 1825; but soon gave up law practice, took orders, and served a curacy in Wicklow until, in 1827, doubts as to the Scriptural authority for church establishments led him to leave the institutional church altogether and meet with a company of like-minded persons in Dublin.

      Darby traveled widely in Europe and Britain in the 1830s and 1840s, and established many Brethren assemblies. These established his reputation as a leading interpreter of biblical prophecy. He was also a Bible Commentator. He declined however to contribute to the compilation of the Revised Version of the King James Bible.

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A Christian- Who and What is He Now and Hereafter?
      A CHRISTIAN- WHO AND WHAT IS HE NOW AND HEREAFTER? It is rather a solemn thing to say what a Christian is, especially when we think of what it is that made him one. God is acting so as to glorify Himself. It is a solemn thing to be a revelation of that of which Christ is worthy-of the result of Christ's work ; as it is said, " He shall see of th

A Letter on Separation
      I write rather because of the importance of the point than for any immediate occasion of circumstances: I mean leaving an assembly, or setting up, as it is called, another table. I am not so afraid of it as some other brethren, but I must explain my reasons. If such or such a meeting were the church here, leaving it would be severing oneself fro

Adam and Christ
      ADAM AND CHRIST ROMANS 5: 14-21 In the latter part of this chapter is exhibited strikingly the sin, and the consequences of that sin, wrought and incurred by Adam; and the grace that is manifested in Jesus Christ, as contrasted the one with the other. This is a very important position, as displaying the character and work of the Lord Jesus C

Balaam- Hired of Balak and Used of God
      BALAAM, HIRED OF BALAK, AND USED OF GOD NUMBERS 22-24 It is a wonderful thing to see the way in which, through the overruling power of God, the efforts of Satan against the people of God only bring them out the more distinctly in their own place of blessing. We find in these chapters the connection of the name of God w

Cain- His World and His Worship
      CAIN, HIS WORLD, AND HIS WORSHIP Genesis 4 It is a terrible history of man's hopelessness, the history God has given us in His word (I say history, because we have a setting forth of his sins and failures from the beginning) ; but then the blessed grace of God is shewn forth in it, because it tells of Christ. It is no

Carnal Confidence and Confidence of Faith
      CARNAL CONFIDENCE, AND THE CONFIDENCE OF FAITH NUMBERS 17; and 18: 1 " Behold, we die, we perish, we all perish. Whosoever cometh anything near unto the tabernacle of the Lord shall die: shall we be consumed with dying ? " When the children of Israel cried thus unto Moses, the feeling they expressed was not exactly dread of a

Christ as the Searcher of Hearts
      CHRIST AS THE SEARCHER OF HEARTS MARK 10 : 1-46 IT is a wonderful thing that the Lord came into this world and took all our sorrows and trials, but was entirely above them all. He was thus able to take up everything that was of God, and at the same time to shew what the state of man really was, just as the word of God divides s

Christ or Antichrist?
      CHRIST, OR ANTICHRIST JOHN 5 : 17-47 There are three very important characters in which the Lord Jesus is presented to us in these verses: - First, as THE SUBJECT OF TESTIMONY; Second, as THE GIVER OF LIFE; Third, as THE EXECUTOR OF JUDGMENT. Now He stands in relation to all men in one or other of these

Christ's Cross and God's Due Time
      CHRIST'S CROSS, AND GOD'S " DUE TIME " ROMANS 5 : 6-8 In the last verse of this chapter we have, in fact, the summing up of the great principles and ways of God's dealings with man in this principle of the gospel, " grace reigning through righteousness unto eternal life by Jesus Christ our Lord." The result of w

Considerations on the Nature & Unity of the Church of Christ
      John 17:21; Luke 12:36. Individuals of the children of God are to be found in all the different denominations, who profess the same pure faith; but where is their bond of union? The point is not that unbelieving professors are mixed with the people of God in their communion, but that the bond of communion is not the unity of the people of God,

Events- Christ
      However high the waves may rise, there is no drowning of His love and thoughts towards us. The test is to our faith. The question is, Have we that faith which so realizes Christ's presence as to keep us as calm and composed in the rough sea as the smooth? It was not really a question of the rough or the smooth sea, when Peter was sinking in the wa

Faith and Its Footsteps
      FAITH AND ITS FOOTSTEPS HEBREWS 11 It is impossible to deny that there is some principle livingly working in the world which has signally called out the hatred and opposition of man. It has been so from Abel downwards to the present day. The " course of this world " has gone on. It is now going on around us. But in t

God For Us
      GOD FOR US ROMANS 8 : 31 There is much to weary us, dear brethren, much to draw out our anxiety as to present circumstances here ; and there is much as regards the natural mind which shrinks at meeting God. The natural conscience of a man, even while he is engaged in the things of this life, often testifies to him that all is n

God Speaking From Heaven
      GOD SPEAKING FROM HEAVEN HEBREWS 12 : 25 The apostle, in addressing this exhortation to the Hebrews, acted upon the ground of the character is which Christ spoke, and the consequences resulting therefrom. Observe: His character is specifically brought forward as speaking " from heaven," contrasted with His character as speaki

God's Grace and Man's Need
      Here we have the wonderful contrast between the ways and actings of man's heart towards God, and the ways and actings of God's heart towards poor guilty man. These two things must be brought close the one to the other, and be shewn as they rightly are. Men's hearts were not fully put to the test before the Lord Jesus came (John 15: 22 - 24): "I

Grace, the Power of Unity and Gathering
      Grace the Power of Unity and Gathering I have had the desire on my mind to make a few remarks on a point I believe to have importance at the present moment; and in doing so, I carry in my mind a tract to which the circumstances drew attention, and practically review it. And I do so, the rather, because I think I read a paper some time back in "

Grace, The Power of Unity and of Gathering
      What I think important to be understood is, that the active power that gathers is always grace - love. Separation from evil may be called for. In particular states of the church, when evil is come in, it may characterise very much the path of the saints. It may be, that through many acting under the same convictions at the same time, this may fo

Growth Through the Truth
      GROWTH THROUGH THE TRUTH I PETER 2: 1-6 In one sense, as here taught us by the Spirit of God through the apostle, the healthful position of the saint is ever that of the " new-born babe " ; whilst in another sense we are, of course, to be making progress so as to become young men and fathers in Christ. As to practical positio

Has the Church Continued in God's Goodness?
      Matthew 13. Has the church continued in God's goodness? Is that which we now see in Christendom what God set up in His church in the beginning, or anything like it? Has not the professing church turned to ceremonies and sacraments, and all kinds of things other than Christ, in order to be saved by them? They have not continued in God's goo

Jerusalem Center of Worship and Government
      Romans 11. Of the two great subjects, besides our individual salvation, of which the Scriptures treat, as already stated (namely, the church and the government of the world), the latter leads us at once to the Jewish as its centre, as the church is of the heavenly glory under Christ; under whom as their head all things in heaven and earth are to

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