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Gipsy Smith

      Rodney "Gipsy" Smith was a British evangelist who conducted evangelistic campaigns in the United States and Great Britain for over 70 years. He was an early member of the Salvation Army and a contemporary of Fanny Crosby and G. Campbell Morgan.

      Smith was born in a gypsy tent in Epping Forest, six miles northeast of London. His Father, Cornelius Smith, was in and out of jail for various offences. There, he heard the gospel from a prison chaplain; later, he and his brothers were converted at a mission meeting. From 1873 on, "The Converted Gypsies" were involved in numerous evangelistic efforts.

      At a convention at the Christian Mission (later to become the Salvation Army) headquarters in London, William Booth noticed the Gypsies and realized the potential in young Smith. On 25 June 1877 Smith accepted the invitation of Booth to be an evangelist with and for the Mission.

      His evangelistic ministry spanned various continents and seven decades. By 1901 he was the missioner for the National Free Church Council. He continued this work until 1912. Under the auspices of the YMCA he ministered to soldiers in World War I for which he was made a Member of the Order of the British Empire by King George V. He continued to hold evangelistic/revival meetings until shortly before his death.

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Biography The Life and Ministry of Rodney Gipsy Smith
      BORN: March 31, 1860 Wanstead, England DIED: August 4, 1947 Gipsy Smith was, perhaps, the best loved evangelist of all time. When he would give his life story, the crowds that came to hear usually overflowed the halls and auditoriums. His trips across the Atlantic Ocean were so numerous that historians seemingly disagree on the exact number.
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       GIPSY SMITH: HIS LIFE AND WORK by GIPSY SMITH NEW YORK: FLEMING H. REVELL COMPANY, 1911 INTRODUCTION TO AMERICAN EDITION by G. CAMPBELL MORGAN My first acquaintance with Gipsy Smith was made in 1886 when I entered upon work in Hull, which he had originated. Going at the invitation of the committee then in oversight of the work at Wilberforc
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PamphletYour Boys
       Your Boys By Gipsy Smith With a Foreword by The Bishop of London New York George H. Doran Company 1918 FOREWORD I am writing this during an air raid at 12.30 at night, and I have just finished a Foreword for the Bishop of Zanzibar's new and tender little book. He has been a water-carrier for the British force in German East Af

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