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Gipsy Smith: His Life and Work

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   1 - Birth and Ancestry with Some Notes of Gipsy Customs - I was born on the 31st of March, 1860, in a gipsy tent, the son of gipsies, Cornelius Smith and his wife, Mary Welch. The place was the parish of Wans
   2 - My Mother - We were travelling in Hertfordshire. The eldest of the family, a girl, was taken ill. The nearest town was Baldock, and my father at once made for it,
   3 - A Mischievous Little Boy - The wild man in my father was broken forever. My mother's death had wrought a moral revolution in him. As he had promised to her, he drank much less,
   4 - The Morals of The Gipsies - Perhaps this is a fit place to say a few words about the morals of the gipsies. I want to say at once that the character of my people stands very high
   5 - My Father, and How He Found the Lord - To return to the story of my own life. I have said that the gipsies are very musical, and my father was a good illustration of this statement. He was
   6 - Old Cornelius was Dead - AND now commenced a new life for my father He felt so new inside that he was sure he must I new outside. And so he did. There was a hand glass in the
   7 - Christmas In the Tent - WHEN my father and his brothers travelled about the country, all their families accompanied them. By this time my father had prayed my sisters Emily a
   8 - The Dawning of the Light - BUT, although I was a mischievous boy, I was not a really bad boy. I knew in my heart what religion meant. I had seen it in the new lives of my father
   9 - Learning to Read and Write - I BELIEVE that with my conversion came the awakening of my intellect, for I saw things and understood them as I had not done before. Everything had a
   10 - I Become an Evangelist - I NOW approached my seventeenth birthday. My desire to become a preacher grew stronger as the days passed by. One Sunday morning I rose with the deter
   11 - Growing Success - ONE Saturday morning Mr. Booth sent for me and asked me if I had quite settled to my new work, and if I had made up my mind to stick to it. I said, "Y
   12 - Ballington Booth - MY next station was West Hartlepool. During these months I was teaching myself reading and writing. I had to prepare a good many discourses. I soon ca
   13 - Hull and Derby - MY next sphere of work was Hull. The success which we enjoyed there surpassed anything that had hitherto fallen to my lot. The Salvation Army had two
   14 - Hanley--My Greatest Battlefield - I was instructed to go to Hanley, and reached the town on the 31st of December, 1881, accompanied by my wife and one child. The baby was just a year o
   15 - Dismissal from the Salvation Army - AT the end of June, having been six months in Hanley, the General informed me that he wanted me for another sphere of labor. Mrs. Smith was in delicat
   16 - Hanley Again - THE excitement in the Potteries over the dismissal was simply indescribable. I received letters of sympathy from all quarters. Among the kindest of th
   17 - My First Visit to America - FROM 1886 to 1889 I was busy conducting missions, among the churches. My experiences from the beginning convinced me that my decision to do the work o
   18 - The Manchester Wesleyan Mission - MY tour in America had been somewhat curtailed by an affection of the eyes, the result of passing from a heated room--and they do stew you in their ro
   19 - My Second Visit to America - BEFORE I became connected with the Manchester Mission I had made an engagement with friends on the other side of the Atlantic that I would soon visit
   20 - With the Children - I HAD been away from my wife and three bairns for the long period of seven months. How sweet and merry their faces seemed to me on my return! Naturall
   21 - My Mission to the Gipsies - MY readers may remember that Mr. B. F. Byrom had met Dr. Simeon Macphail in Palestine and had spoken to him about my work. This, later on, led to an i
   22 - America Again - ACCOMPANIED by my wife, I sailed for the United States again in August, 1892, arriving in time for the Ocean Grove camp meetings, August 21st to 31st.
   23 - Glasgow - I CONDUCTED a great mission campaign in Glasgow from September, 1893, to the end of January, 1894. The mission was arranged by a committee of twelve f
   24 - Australia - DURING the last weeks of my stay in Glasgow, my friend, Mr. J. L. Byrom, J.P., brother of Mr. B. F. Byrom, suggested that I should take a tour round t
   25 - My Father and His Two Brothers - LET me interrupt my personal narrative for a little to tell my readers some things about my father and his two remarkable brothers that will, I think,
   26 - London, Manchester, and Edinburgh - BEFORE setting out on my trip round the world I had made a promise to the Rev. Andrew Mearns, secretary of the London Congregational Union, that I wou
   27 - My Fifth Visit to America - I SAILED for New York on New Year's Day, 1896. I had arranged to go straight to Boston and conduct a mission there. This was the only fixed item on my
   28 - Some Fresh Stories about Peter Mackenzie - I REACHED England again on the 18th of May, 1896. From that date until September, 1897, when I began my work as the first missioner of the National Fr
   29 - As the National Council's Missioner - ON my return from my last trip to America, my pastor, the Rev. S. F. Collier, remarked to me that the position I ought to fill was that of recognized

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