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BookTouching Incidents: Part 3
       "DOES THIS RAILROAD LEAD TO HEAVEN?" In traveling we often meet with persons of different nationalities and languages; we also meet with incidents of various character, some sorrowful, and others joyful and instinctive. One of the latter character I witnessed recently while traveling upon the cars. The train was going west, and the time was even
Touching Incidents: Part 4
       BISHOP SIMPSON'S RECOVERY. Bishop Bowman, of the M.E. Church, gives the following instance from his own experience: " In the fall of 1858, whilst visiting Indiana, I was at an annual conference where Bishop Janes presided. We received a telegram that Bishop Simpson was dying. Said Bishop Janes: "Let us spend a few moments in earnest prayer for
Touching Incidents: Part 5
       REVIVALS VS. FAIRS-WONDERS OF PRAYER. The Methodist Preachers' Meeting of Boston was well attended last Monday, and Rev. W.N. Brodbeck, D.D., the pastor of the Tremont-street Church of this city thrilled the brethren with an address on "The relation of the ministers to revivals," during which he pointedly referred to church fairs and festivals a
Touching Incidents: Part 6
       THE MIDNIGHT CONFLICT. Shall I repeat a true story told me by the sufferer himself a few weeks ago? And may I repeat it, so far as memory serves me, in his own language? I can never forget the passionate energy of my friend, as he walked again in the darkened chambers of a wrecked life, and recalled the scene when alone he met the tempter. But t
Touching Incidents: Part 7
       THE GOLDEN RULE EXEMPLIFIED. Early one morning while it was yet dark, a poor man came to my door and informed me that he had an infant child very sick, which he was afraid would die. He desired me to go to his home, and, if possible, prescribe some medicine to relieve it. "For," said he, "I want to save its life if possible." As he spoke thus th
Touching Incidents: Part 8
       WAITING FOR THE ANGELIC CONVOY. Seldom is the serenely expectant spirit of the dying Christian more graphically portrayed than in the beautiful letter of Rev. J.S.C. Abbott, written shortly before his death, to J. Dewitt Miller, and published in the New York Methodist. It bears date at Fair Haven, Conn., March 3, 1877, and reads as follows: I a
Touching Incidents: Part 9
       A VIEW OF HELL. "This she described in the most terrific language, and declared that the horrid shrieks of lost spirits still seemed to sound in her ears. As she approached the burning pit, a tremendous effort was made to draw her into it; but she felt herself safe under the protection of her guardian angel. She recognized many in the place of t
Touching Incidents: Part 10
       "THE BRIDAL WINE-CUP." "Pledge with wine! Pledge with wine!" cried the young and thoughtless Harry. "Pledge with wine!" ran through the bridal party. The beautiful bride grew pale. She pressed her hands together, and the leaves of her bridal wreath trembled on her brow; her breath came quicker, and her heart beat more wildly. "Yes, Marian, lay
Touching Incidents: Part 11
       A LESSON FOR MOTHERS. A little girl once said: "Mother, does God ever scold?" She had seen her mother, under circumstances of strong provocation, lose her temper, and give way to the impulse of passion; and pondering thoughtfully for a moment, she asked: "Mother, does God ever scold?" The question was so abrupt and startling, that it arrested t
Touching Incidents: Part 12
       HOW THREE SUNDAY-SCHOOL CHILDREN MET THEIR FATE. When the Lawrence Mills were on fire a number of years ago--I don't mean on fire, but when the mill fell in--the great mill fell in, and after it had fallen in, the ruins caught fire. There was only one room left entire, and in it were three Mission Sunday-school children imprisoned. The neighbors
Touching Incidents: Part 13
       INSTANCES OF THE POWER OF PRAYER The instances in which, in answer to prayer, God has sent remarkable deliverances to people, are numerous and striking. In the days of Queen Elizabeth, die terrible Spanish Armada was scattered or destroyed in answer to fervent prayers offered by the people of God in England. In 1746; the French armament of forty
Touching Incidents: Part 14
       INSTANCES OF DIVINE POWER. I. In the spring of 1858, during the prevalence of the wide-spread revivals described in Prime's "Power of Prayer," I was soundly converted to God. At that time I was in mature young manhood, and in business. My health had been poor for a number of years, and when I gave my heart to the Lord Jesus, I appeared to myself
Touching Incidents: Part 15
       THE WIDOW'S PRAYER ANSWERED. A captain's widow, whom I knew for many years of our chapel, was much concerned for the conversion of her son, who was a sailor. For a long time he had promised to be a comfort and help to his mother; but through the influence of bad companions he became very wicked and dissolute. Many times have I gone to the public
Touching Incidents: Part 16
       "I DON'T LOVE YOU NOW, MOTHER." 'A great many years ago I knew a lady who had been sick for two years, as you have seen many a one, all the while slowly dying with consumption. She had one child-a little boy named Henry. One afternoon I was sitting by her side, and it seemed as if. she would cough her life away. Her little boy stood by the post

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