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Denny Kenaston

      Denny and Jackie Kenaston were saved in 1972 out of the “Hippy culture.” The Lord Jesus delivered them from drugs, drinking, and many other things that go along with that life style.

      They have raised their eight children in the rural setting of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, for the last 21 years. In this setting, they find many opportunities to extend their home school far beyond the classroom.

      They were calle to help start Charity Christian Fellowship. Bro Denny serves as an elder in this church. He also travels extensively in a church planting, and preaching ministry. God has placed an anointing upon him to call the church back to a burden for the family. Tens of thousands of tape set have been sent out all over the world in the last twelve years. Many families have fallen on their faces in repentance, and received a new vision for a Godly Home.

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SermonA Motivating Vision for Our Homes
       Where there is no vision, the people perish, but he that keepeth the Law, happy is he. Proverbs 29:18 There was, in the days of Samuel the Prophet, a sad state of affairs in Israel. The ministers of the day had lost their relationship with God, and compromise was creeping in on every hand. God uses a few revealing words, which describe the c
SermonBaptism of the Holy Ghost & New Testament Reality
      Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus this morning. It was a beautiful day, yesterday, wasn't it? I don't know, maybe this week is like what Ezekiel was talking about there back in the Old Testament. Remember when he talked about this river flowing out from under the throne of heaven? And he went so far and he was in to his ankles, and then h
SermonChrist, the Most Excellent Standard
      "God, what does it mean for a Christian, who's been a Christian for thirty years, to forsake all and follow Jesus?" That's a good question for us older Christians. It's not only for the new believers to forsake all and follow Jesus. It's not something that you do once, and then it's smooth sailing from there on. This thing never ends, brothers a
SermonCourtship Questions & Answers
       For Women Right courtship, right emotions, wrong courtship, wrong emotions. As I was meditating upon this, I was thinking, "This is the answer to the divorce problem in America,". We don't need a standard that divorce is wrong, that is not what is wrong in America. The thing that is wrong in America is that all of the marriages are starting o
SermonCourtship Testimonies
       Brother Myron Stolzfus It is indeed my blessing to be here today, and to hear the words of our brothers these last three days. It has been such a blessing. And I would just like to, before I say anything, say please hear them. Please hear them. I'm going to emphasize today where we went wrong, and the results of that in our lives and in o
SermonCourtship, Sermon 1
      I come with some fear and trembling with the subject here, this morning. I must admit, while I was preparing or these lessons, studying, gazing into God's heart, what His best is, how beautiful it is, (in this matter of godly courtship) how well it works. I just had to cry, because I missed it. I missed it all. I missed it ignorantly, I knew no
Courtship, Sermon 2
      Yesterday we ended with some very stimulating thoughts about out emotions, and I'm sure that I left you thinking and pondering many things yesterday, or I hope that you were. I trust that you were pondering your own life, some of the things that have gone on in your heart, some of the things that you've allowed already, maybe some things that you w
Courtship, Sermon 3
      Father in heaven, Lord we do bless you today. God we thank thee. Oh, Lord, how have been loving us! You have been pouring love upon us, Lord. We thank you for the sweet instructions that we have received already this morning, God. They are honey, they are as sweet as honey, Father, greater than much fine gold. Lord we pray that you will continue to
Courtship, Sermon 4
      We greet each one this morning in the name of the Lord Jesus. It is a blessing to be here today, to be together with the saints, [and] to hear all of the testimonies of the hearts of God's people who have been set free, who know a living God, who have a relationship with a God that is alive. Not testimony of four years ago, or not a testimony of te
SermonEnduement of Power
      Greetings this morning in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, thank you for that singing. We'll see how the time goes, I'm supposed to have form 9:00 to 10:20, [laughs] but I agree with brother Ken, if you ever get an opportunity to lead the singing, you'd take it. It's a blessing, but if you ever get to preach, you'd better take that duty, because
SermonHuman Authorities--God's Servants
      Many times we do not see God's gifts as God's gifts. Sometimes we need eyes and ears to see the gifts that God brings our way. We need to learn more about authority. Our human authorities are God's servants. Authority is a Bible word; you will find it in the Bible 36 times. You will have to look at two different words; one is the English word a
SermonOverwhelmed with the Power of the Living God
      Greetings this morning in the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. In the name of the Lord Jesus, the Christ, the Son of the Living God. I trust you had a good night, last night, [and] got a little sleep. And a good morning this morning. I fell a bit overwhelmed with my subject as I am walking down the road day by day in preperation. I want to tell t
InterviewRadical Chinese House Churches
      Bro Denny: Let's move on to another important question. How do the Chinese Christians evaluate AMERICAN CHRISTIANITY? Bro Ren: They feel like the church in the West is playing games. They are troubled with all the LAUGHTER in the meetings. They are broken and weeping in their assemblies, and we are telling jokes. This brings very different resu
SermonThe Faith Once Delivered Unto the Saints
      Greetings in Jesus' name, this afternoon. It's been a blessing to have fellowship over the meal and after the meal, just to share with one another life's experiences, what God is doing among us and with us. We thank God for opportunities like that. We thank God for the opportunity to open His book again, and look into it's pages. I'd like u
SermonThe Godly Home 1. A Godly Heritage
      The 1st of 11 messages on The Godly Home Praise the Lord. Let's all kneel for prayer at this time. Fall upon our knees before the Lord. "Our Heavenly Father, we come to you at this time in the name of Jesus. We thank you Lord that He is the center of our homes. We thank you Father, that He is the strength and motivation of our lives. And oh
The Godly Home 2. Bible Pictures of a Godly Home
      We want to give a greeting to each one, in the name of the Lord Jesus tonight. It was a blessing to be in the worship service and sing and praise God together. I appreciated the words on vision. I plan to continue in that direction this evening. And I'll give you my reason why. I can stand up here for a whole week, and tell you all the things that
The Godly Home 3. The Rod of Discipline
      The 3rd of 11 messages on The Godly Home Let's all kneel together for prayer. "Our Father we come to you in the name of Jesus tonight. We thank you Lord that you've put within us those kind of desires. Lord, we're the people of God. We're your people. We're different. People don't understand us. But oh, our Father, we've committed our lives int
The Godly Home 7. Where are the Men?
      The 7th of 11 messages on The Godly Home Oh God, our God in this our day raise up men who walk in this way. Father, we know that it is Your will tonight. God, we know that there's grace enough. We just commit our lives into Your hands, Father. As we go into this service, dear God, we pray that You will use Your Word, dear Father, to stir the he
The Godly Home 11. Spiritual Leader Will Have a Radiant Wife
      About three weeks ago after I already had these sessions planned out, the Lord began to impress something upon my heart as a rebuke to me in my narrow-mindedness and my lack of sensitivity. That I was not putting a very important thing into this leadership seminar; and that has to do with how we deal with our wives; the other half of us. If we're g
SermonThe Power of the Holy Spirit
      Greetings in the name of the Lord Jesus, Lord Jesus Christ. It's a joy to be here, to see all of your faces. It's kind of scary, too, frankly. Well as brother Mose said, I want to agree. We've come to seek God together, that's what this week is about. God and his word, his truth, his will, his purposes, for our hearts and our lives. It's a thri

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