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Popular Christianity

By Catherine Booth

Table of Contents

   1: Its False Christs Compared with the Christ of God - The Christs of the Nineteenth Century I suppose there will be no division of opinion in my audience as to the fact that humanity needs a Christ, -
   2: Its Mock Salvation vs. A Real Deliverance From Sin - I suppose that most of those present this afternoon are aware that the subject is "A mock salvation in comparison with Christ's salvation"-- deliveran
   3: Its Sham Compassion vs. The Dying Love of Christ - The Sham Compassion Benevolence has come somewhat into fashion of late. It has become the correct thing to do the slums, since the Prince of Wales
   4: Its Cowardly Service vs. The Real Warfare - The subject for this afternoon is The Cowardly Service of Popular Christianity in contrast with the Real Warfare which Christ demands of His People.
   5: Its Sham Judgment in Contrast with the Great White Throne - Its Sham Judgment Many people dislike the very sound of the word judgment. They have abandoned, as far as they can, any belief in a judgment to co

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