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Twenty-Five Public Disputations

By Jacobus Arminius

Table of Contents

   Dedication - To those most honourable and Prudent Gentlemen, the Burgomaster, Aldermen, and Sheriffs, who are the very Worthy Magistrates of the Famous City of Ley
   1 - The Authority & Certainty of the Sacred Scriptures - RESPONDENT: BERNARD VESUKIUS I. The authority of Scripture is nothing else but the worthiness according to which it merits (1.) CREDENCE, as being
   2 - Sufficiency & Perfection of Scripture Vs. Tradition - ON THE SUFFICIENCY AND PERFECTION OF THE HOLY SCRIPTURES IN OPPOSITION TO TRADITIONS RESPONDENT: ABRAHAM VLIET I. When we ascribe Perfection to
   3 - Sufficiency & Perfection of Scriptures Vs. Human Traditions - RESPONDENT: DE COIGNEE Because the Papists contend for unwritten traditions, against the entire perfection of Scripture, as if it were for every th
   4 - On the Nature of God - RESPONDENT: JAMES ARMINIUS--WHEN HE STOOD FOR HIS DEGREE OF D. D. I. The very nature of things and the Scriptures of God, as well as the general co
   5 - The Person of the Father & the Son - RESPONDENT: PETER DE LA FITE I. WE do not here receive the name of "Father," as it is sometimes taken in the Scriptures in regard to the adoption,
   6 - The Holy Spirit - RESPONDENT: JAMES MAHOT As the preceding Disputation treated of God the Father and God the Son, order requires us now to enter on the subject of th
   7 - The First Sin of the First Man - RESPONDENT: ABRAHAM APPART THE USE OF THE DOCTRINE I. When an inquiry is instituted concerning this first evil, we do not agitate the question f
   8 - On Actual Sins - RESPONDENT, CASPER WILTENS I. As divines and philosophers are often compelled, on account of a penury of words, to distinguish those which are syno
   9 - The Righteousness of God's Providence Concerning Evil - RESPONDENT: RALPH DE ZYLL I. Among the causes and pretenses by which human ignorance has been induced, and which human perverseness has abused, to
   10 - The Righteousness of God's Providence Concerning Evil - RESPONDENT: GERARD ADRIANS I. The consideration of evil, which is called "the evil of culpability" or "of delinquency," has induced many persons to
   11 - The Free Will of Man and its Powers - RESPONDENT: PAUL LEONARDS I. The word, arbitrium, "choice," or "free will," properly signifies both the faculty of the mind or understanding, by wh
   12 - The Law of God - RESPONDENT: DIONYSIUS SPRANCKHUYSEN I. Law in general is defined, either from its End, "an ordinance of right reason for the common and particular
   13 - The Comparison of the Law & the Gospel - RESPONDENT: PETER CUNDUS I. Since the law ought to be considered in two respects, not only as it was originally delivered to men constituted in pri
   14 - The Offices of our Lord Jesus Christ - RESPONDENT: PETER FAVERIUS I. Since all offices are instituted and imposed for the sake of a certain end, and on this account bear some resemblance
   15 - Divine Predestination - RESPONDENT: WILLIAM BASTINGIUS I. We call this decree "Predestination," in Greek, Proorismon from the verb Proorizein which signifies determine, ap
   16 - The Vocation of Men to Salvation - RESPONDENT: JAMES BONTEBAL I. The title contains three terms--vocation, men, salvation, (1.) The word Vocation denotes a total and entire act, cons
   17 - On Repentance - RESPONDENT: HENRY NIELLUIS As in succeeding Disputations are discussed Faith, and Justification through Faith, the order which has hitherto been ob
   18 - The Church and its Head - RESPONDENT: GERARD, THE SON OF HELMICHIUS As it is of the greatest utility to hold a right belief about the church of God and its Head, and as ther
   19 - The Justification of Man Before God - RESPONDENT: ALARD DE VRIES As frequent mention is made in Scripture of Justification, and since this doctrine is of great importance to salvation,
   20 - Christian Liberty - RESPONDENT: ENGELBERT SIBELIUS I. Liberty, generally, is a state according to which every one is at his own disposal, and not bound to another pers
   21 - The Roman Pontiff, & His Principal Titles - RESPONDENT: JOHN MARTINIUS I. For many ages past, all who have had any knowledge of the Pope of Rome, have held no low or moderate sentiments about
   22 - Alleged Secession of all Protestant Churches - RESPONDENT: JAMES CUSINE We assert that the Reformed Churches have not seceded from the church of Rome; and that they have acted properly in refusi
   23 - On Idolatry - RESPONDENT: JAPHET VIGERIUS I. It always has been, and is now, the chief design of diabolical perverseness, -- that even the devil himself, should
   24 - The Invocation of Saints - RESPONDENT: JAMES A. PORT I. From the hypothesis of the papists, we denominate those persons "saints," whom the Roman pontiff has by his canonizati
   25 - On Magistracy - RESPONDENT: JOHN LE CHANTRE I. Not feeling much anxiety about the origin and etymology of the word, we say that from the manner in which it is used

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