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The Saints' Everlasting Rest

By Richard Baxter

Table of Contents

   1: The Nature of the Saints' Rest - From heaven's height the soul surveys the Promised Land. Looking back on earth, the soul views the dreary wilderness through which it passed. To stand
   2: The Hallway to the Saints' Rest - The hallway to heaven is not barricaded anymore. The flaming sword no longer bars the passage to Paradise, for Christ has provided the way in. The por
   3: The Splendor of the Saints' Rest - Let us draw a little nearer and see the splendor of this heavenly rest. The Lord cover us with His gentle grace while we approach to take this view.
   4: The People Who Receive the Saints' Rest - The heavenly rest is designed for "the people of God," as the text identifies them (Heb. 4:9). They are chosen by God "before the foundation of the wo
   5: The Misery of Those Who Lose the Saints' Rest - If you, reader, are a stranger to Christ and to the holy nature and life of His people, and if you live and die in this condition, let me tell you tha
   6: The Necessity of Seeking the Saints' Rest - Why don't people seek this wonderful rest more enthusiastically? You would think that if a person heard even once about such a tremendous possibility,
   7: The Title to the Saints' Rest - If there is such a glorious rest awaiting only the people of God, why do most people neglect the certainty of their title to it? What strange madness
   8: The Duty of Helping Others to Seek the Saints' Rest - Has God set before us such a wonderful possession as the saints' everlasting rest, and made us capable of such unimaginable happiness? Why, then, don'
   9: The Possession of the Saints' Rest is Not on Earth - We have not yet come to our resting place. How foolish it is to expect it here. What Christian doesn't deserve this correction? All of us would like c
   10: The Suburbs of Heaven - If there is such a wonderful rest remaining for us, why don't we think about it more? Has the eternal God provided us such a hope, and promised to tak
   11: Hindrances to a Heavenly Life on Earth - If you value a heavenly life upon earth, I must charge you to avoid some dangerous hindrances. LIVING IN ANY KNOWN SIN is a great impediment to a h
   12: How to Seek the Saints' Rest While on Earth - Be convinced of the value of heaven, for if you do not believe it to be the greatest treasure, you will never set your heart upon it. This conviction
   13: Directions for Heavenly Contemplation - Meditation is the means by which the soul digests truth for its nourishment and strength. It was God's command to Joshua, "This book of the law shall
   14: Four Aids to Heavenly Contemplation - Having set your heart in tune, we now come to the music itself. Having acquired an appetite, approach the feast. Come, for all things are now ready. H
   15: How to Persevere in Heavenly Contemplation - The hardest part of heavenly meditation is bringing it into clear focus. It is easier to think about "heaven" as an abstract idea than to concentrate
   16: Heavenly Meditation - Now, reader, according to the directions already given, conscientiously practice meditation as well as prayer. Do it daily if possible. Retire into so
   17: Concluding Encouragements - I have given you, dear reader, my best advice for maintaining a heavenly life. If you cannot meditate as systematically and completely as I have recom

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