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The Trial and Death of Jesus Christ

By James Stalker

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Arrest - Our study of the closing scenes of the life of our Lord begins at the point where He fell into the hands of the representatives of justice; and this t
   Chapter 2 - The Ecclesiastical Trial - Over the Kedron, up the slope to the city, through the gates, along the silent streets, the procession passed, with Jesus in the midst; midnight strag
   Chapter 3 - The Great Denial - To the ecclesiastical trial of our Lord there is a side-piece, over which we must linger before proceeding to the civil trial. At the very hour when i
   Chapter 4 - The Civil Trial - In the chapter before last we saw the Sanhedrim pass a death sentence on Jesus. Gladly would they have carried it out in the Jewish fashion--by stonin
   Chapter 5 - Jesus and Herod - Pilate had tried Jesus and found Him innocent; and so he frankly told the members of the Sanhedrim, thereby reversing their sentence. What ought to ha
   Chapter 6 - Back to Pilate - The sending of Jesus to Herod had not, as Pilate had hoped, finished the case, and so the Prisoner was brought back to the imperial palace. Herod had
   Chapter 7 - The Crown of Thorns - Pilate had failed in his attempt to save Jesus from the hands of His prosecutors, whose rage against their Victim was only intensified by the struggle
   Chapter 8 - The Shipwreck of Pilate - We have lingered long at the judgment-seat of Pilate. Far too long. Pilate has detained us. He knew perfectly well, the first glance he bestowed on th
   Chapter 9 - Judas Iscariot - To the civil trial of our Lord there is a sad appendix, as we have already had one to the ecclesiastical trial. Christ's great confession in the palac
   Chapter 10 - Via Dolorosa - We have finished the first part of our theme--the Trial of Jesus--and turn now to the second and more solemn part of it--His Death. The trial had been
   Chapter 11 - The Daughters of Jerusalem - There are many legends clustering round this portion of our Lord's history. It is narrated, for example, that, when the divine Sufferer, burdened wit
   Chapter 12 - Calvary - Anyone writing on the life of our Lord must many a time pause in secret and exclaim to himself, "It is high as heaven, what canst thou do? deeper than
   Chapter 13 - The Groups Round the Cross - In the last chapter we saw the Son of Man nailed to the cursed tree. There He hung for hours, exposed, helpless, but conscious, looking out on the sea
   Chapter 14 - The First Word from the Cross - [1]In the last chapter we saw the impressions made by the crucifixion on the different groups round the cross. On the soldiers, who did the deed, it m
   Chapter 15 - The Second Word from the Cross - I. [1]It is not said by whose arrangement it was that Jesus was hung between the two thieves. It may have been done by order of Pilate, who wished in
   Chapter 16 - The Third Word from the Cross - [1]In the life of our Lord from first to last there is a strange blending of the majestic and the lowly. When a beam of His divine dignity is allowed
   Chapter 17 - The Fourth Word from the Cross - [1]The Seven Words from the Cross may be divided into two groups. In the first three--namely, the prayer for His crucifiers, the word to the penitent
   Chapter 18 - The Fifth Word from the Cross - [1]The fourth word from the cross we looked upon both as the climax of the struggle which had gone on in the mind of the divine Sufferer during the th
   Chapter 19 - The Sixth Word from the Cross - [1]Like the Fifth, the Sixth Word from the Cross is, in the Greek, literally a single word; and it has been often affirmed to be the greatest single w
   Chapter 20 - The Seventh Word from the Cross - [1]While all the words of dying persons are full of interest, there is special importance attached to the last of them. This is the Last Word of Jesus
   Chapter 21 - The Signs - There are indications that to some of those who took part in the crucifixion of Christ His death presented hardly anything to distinguish it from an o
   Chapter 22 - The Dead Christ - It was not usual to remove bodies from the cross immediately after their death. They were allowed to hang, exposed to the weather, till they rotted an
   Chapter 23 - The Burial - There is a hard and shallow philosophy which regards it as a matter of complete indifference what becomes of the body after the soul has left it and a

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