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The Apology or Defense

By Jacobus Arminius

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   Introduction - CERTAIN articles relating to the Christian Religion are now in a course of circulation. In a paper which was not long since delivered into my hands, t
   Part 1 - Articles I & II - I. Faith, that is, justifying faith, is not peculiar to the elect. II. It is possible for believers finally to decline and fall away from faith and s
   Part 2 - Article III - It is a matter of doubt, whether the faith by which Abraham is said to be justified, was a faith in Jesus Christ who was still to come. No proof can b
   Part 3 - Article IV - Faith is not an effect of election, but is a necessary requisite foreseen by God in those who are to be elected. And the decree concerning the bestowi
   Part 4 - Article V - Naught among things contingent can be said to be NECESSARILY done in respect to the Divine decree. ANSWER My opinion concerning Necessity and Cont
   Part 5 - Article VI - All things are done contingently. ANSWER This Article is expressed in such a stupid and senseless manner, that they who attribute it to me, declar
   Part 6 - Article VII - God has not by his eternal decree determined future and contingent things to the one part or the other. ANSWER A calumny which lies concealed unde
   Part 7 - Article VIII - Sufficient grace of the Holy Spirit is bestowed on those to whom the gospel is preached, whosoever they may be; so that, if they will, they may believ
   Part 8 - Article IX - The temporal afflictions of believers are not correctly termed "CHASTISEMENTS," but are PUNISHMENTS for sins. For Christ has rendered satisfaction onl
   Part 9 - Article X - It cannot be proved from Scripture, that believers under the Old Testament, before the ascension of Christ, were in Heaven. ANSWER I never taught
   Part 10 - Article XI - It is a matter of doubt, whether believers under the Old Testament understood that the legal ceremonies were types of Christ and of his benefits. AN
   Part 11 - Article XII - Christ has died for all men and for every individual. ANSWER This assertion was never made by me, either in public or private, except when it was
   Part 12 - Articles XIII and XIV - Original Sin will condemn no man. In every nation, all infants who die without [having committed] actual sins, are saved. ANSWER These articles a
   Part 13 - Article XV - If the Heathen, and those who are strangers to the true knowledge of God, do those things which by the powers of nature they are enabled to do, God wi
   Part 14 - Article XVI - The works of the unregenerate can be pleasing to God, and are (according to Borrius) the occasion, and (according to Arminius) the impulsive cause, by
   Part 15 - Article XVII - God will not deny his grace to any one who does what is in him. ANSWER This Article is so naturally connected with those which precede it, that he
   Part 16 - Article XVIII - God undoubtedly converts, without the external preaching of the Gospel, great numbers of persons to the saving knowledge of Christ, among those who ha
   Part 17 - Article XIX - Before his fall, Adam had not the power to believe, because there was no necessity for faith; God, therefore, could not require faith from him after t
   Part 18 - Article XX - It cannot possibly be proved from the Sacred Writings, that the angels are now confirmed in their estate. ANSWER This article also has been bespri
   Part 19 - Article XXI - It is a new, heretical and Sabellian mode of speaking, nay, it is blasphemous, to say "that the Son of God is autoqeon (very God,)" for the Father alo
   Part 20 - Article XXII - It is the summit of blasphemy to say, that God is freely good. ANSWER In this article likewise, our brethren disclose their own disgraceful procee
   Part 21 - Article XXIII - It frequently happens that a creature who is not entirely hardened in evil, is unwilling to perform an action because it is joined with sin; unless wh
   Part 22 - Article XXIV - The Righteousness of Christ is not imputed to us for Righteousness; but to believe [or the act of believing] justifies us. ANSWER I do not know wh
   Part 23 - Article XXV - The whole of that in which we appear before God, justifies us. But we appear before God, not only by Faith, but also by Works. Therefore, we are justi
   Part 24 - Article XXVI - Faith is not the instrument of Justification. ANSWER IN THE enunciation of this article is given another proof of desperate and finished negligenc
   Part 25 - Article XXVII - Faith is not the pure gift of God, but depends partly on the grace of God, and partly on the powers of Free Will; that, if a man will, he may believe
   Part 26 - Article XXVIII - The grace sufficient for salvation is conferred on the Elect, and on the Non-elect; that, if they will, they may believe or not believe, may be saved
   Part 27 - Article XXIX - Believers can perfectly fulfill the Law, and live in the world without sin. ANSWER This is what I never said. But when a certain person once, in a
   Part 28 - Article XXX - It may admit of discussion, whether Semi-Pelagianism is not real Christianity. ANSWER In a certain lecture I said, that it would be easy, under th
   Part 29 - Article XXXI - It is not correctly said in the Catechism, that "God is angry with us for birth-sins;" because original sin is a punishment. But whatever is a punishm
   Part 30 - Conclusion - THIS then is the answer which I have thought proper to make, at present, to the THIRTY-ONE ARTICLES that have been objected against me. If I have not

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