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On Predestination

By Jacobus Arminius

Table of Contents

   Part 1 - Revision of the Dutch Confession & Heidelberg Catechism - To the noble and most potent the states of Holland and West Friezland, my Supreme Governor, my most noble, potent, wise and prudent Lords: After the
   Part 2 - On Predestination - The first and most important article in religion on which I have to offer my views, and which for many years past has engaged my attention, is the Pre
   Part 3 - A Second Kind of Predestination - But some other of our doctors state the subject of God's Predestination in a manner somewhat different. We will cursorily touch upon the two modes whi
   Part 4 - A Third Kind of Predestination - But others among our doctors state their sentiments on this subject in the following manner: 1. Because God willed within himself from all eternity
   Part 5 - My Judgment Respecting The Two Last Described Schemes of Predestination - Both these opinions, as they outwardly pretend, differ from the first in this point--that neither of them lays down the creation or the fall as a medi
   Part 6 - My Own Sentiments on Predestination - I have hitherto been stating those opinions concerning the article of Predestination which are inculcated in our Churches and in the University of Ley

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