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Orations Of Arminius

By Jacobus Arminius

Table of Contents

   Oration 1 - The Object of Theology - To Almighty God alone belong the inherent and absolute right, will, and power of determining concerning us. Since, therefore, it has pleased him to ca
   Oration 2 - The Author and the End of Theology - They who are conversant with the demonstrative species of oratory, and choose for themselves any subject of praise or blame, must generally be engaged
   Oration 3 - The Certainty of Sacred Theology - Although the observations which I have already offered in explanation of the Object, the Author and the End of sacred Theology, and other remarks whic
   Oration 4 - The Priesthood of Christ - The Noble the Lord Rector--the Very Famous, Reverend, Skillful, Intelligent, and Learned Men, who are the Fathers of this Most Celebrated University--
   Oration 5 - On Reconciling Religious Dissensions Among Christians - Never since the first entrance of sin into the world, have there been any ages so happy as not to be disturbed by the occurrence of some evil or other

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