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Extracts from the Teutonic Theosopher

By Jacob Boehme

Table of Contents

   Part 1 - Aurora: The Day-Spring - The Author's Preface 1. COURTEOUS Reader, I compare the whole Philosophy, Astrology and Theology, together with their Mother, to a goodly Tree, whi
   Part 2 - On the New Birth - On the New Birth; Lip-Christians; Lip-Priests, Being Taught of God. 12. For as God the Father in his own Substance comprehends all the Three Princi
   Part 3 - The Gate of a Poor Sinner - On the Invitation of Grace to ALL; How the Rich Man can rightly Serve God. 63. Therefore, thou beloved Soul, if thou art fallen into heavy Sins and
   Part 4 - The Gate to Babel - On the History and Rise of the Counterfeit Church. 13. When we consider with ourselves the many Sects and Controversies in Religion, and from whenc
   Part 5 - Of Man in the Antichristian World - 37. For when a man is secure, and does not always stand in fear and trembling before the anger of God, then the Devil slippeth into the Spirit, and lo
   Part 6 - A Gate - A Gate, showing which WAY we must walk through this World, into the Kingdom of God. 35. You must go out from your Reason out of the fleshly Spirit,
   Part 7 - An ABC on Faith - On the Inter-action of the Saints below with the Saints above. 32. That men in Popery have invocated great Saints that are dead, and that they also
   Part 8 - On the Broad and Narrow WAY - Of the Broad Way in this World, which leadeth us into the Abyss; and of the Narrow Way into the Kingdom of God. 1. DEAR Children of God, let us hea
   Part 9 - Of the Company and Assistance of the Holy Angels - 57. As we that are Men in this world, if we be the children of God, assist and help one another in necessity and distress, and readily deliver one ano
   Part 10 - How Men ought to Pray - Excerpt One - 85. If you will pray to God, then call upon God (your Heavenly Father) in the Name of his Son Jesus Christ, desiring that he would forgive you your Si
   Part 11 - How Men ought to Pray - Excerpt Two - 17. Therefore dear Children; When ye pray, think not that God dwelleth afar off from you, and so neither hears you, nor sees you; that is a false Conc
   Part 12 - Christ is the Gate - 91. . . . If Adam would have continued in God, he should have continued the child of God, and God would have continued in his Will, and so the Majesty
   Part 13 - Jacob's Ladder - How Isaac and Rebecca sent away Jacob, on account of Esau, into another Country; and how the Lord appeared to him in a Vision upon the Ladder, which
   Part 14 - Epistle XIII - A letter written to one in temptation and trouble of mind, shewing whence it ariseth. Our salvation is in the life of Jesus Christ in us. "Dear Si
   Part 15 - On Christian Tolerance - 43. I have no controversy with the Children of God, by reason of the variety, and diversity of their gifts; I can reconcile them all in my self [I can

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