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The Every Day of Life

By J.R. Miller

Table of Contents

   : Chapter 1 - The Every-Day of Life - The Every Day of Life by J. R. Miller, 1892 It's never too late to begin the journey of the every-day of life to awaken and strengthen your sou
   : Chapter 2 - Our Debt to the Past - "We see by the light of thousands of years, And the knowledge of millions of men; The lessons they learned through blood and in tears Are ours for the
   : Chapter 3 - The Beatitude for the Unsuccessful - There may be no Bible beatitude saying expressly, "Blessed are the unsuccessful," but there are beatitudes, which are equivalent to this. We take thes
   : Chapter 4 - The Blessing of Quietness - It would seem that anybody could keep still and quiet. It requires no exertion, we would say. Work is hard--but it ought to be easy to rest. It takes
   : Chapter 5 - On Being a Discourager - It is a sin to be a hinderer! You who make it harder for others to live, are doing the adversary's work. We are in this world to lighten burdens, to g
   : Chapter 6 - Making Life a Song - The highest act of which immortal life is capable of, is praise. The un-praising life has not yet realized its holiest mission. It has not yet borne t
   : Chapter 7 - Life-Music in Chorus - There is more to be said about making life a song, than was said in the last chapter. Each one of us should live so as to make music in this world. Th
   : Chapter 8 - Loving the Unseen Friend - "The world sits at the feet of Christ, Unknowing, blind, and unconsoled; It shall yet touch his garment's fold, And feel the heavenly Alchemist Transm
   : Chapter 9 - The Secret of Peace - Peace is possible to every believer in Christ. No Christian can say, "That is beautiful. It shines in my friend's face like heaven's radiance. But it
   : Chapter 10 - Time of Loneliness - Loneliness is one of the most pathetic of all human experiences. The yearning for companionship is one of the deepest of all yearnings. The religion o
   : Chapter 11 - The Blessedness of Not Knowing - Some people say they wish they could know their future. They are sincere enough; they wish they could. But this would not be a blessing. It is better
   : Chapter 12 - Words About Consecration - "I do sincerely and earnestly want to give everything to the Lord, my whole self and all that he has given me in trust. But I do wish he would show me
   : Chapter 13 - Duty of Speaking Out - "In the desert where he lies entombed He made a little garden and left there Some flowers that for him had never bloomed." No doubt there is a duty o
   : Chapter 14 - Learning by Doing - There is a great deal more in life's common task-work, than we dream. We think of it oftentimes as the dreariest kind of drudgery. Many a man never le
   : Chapter 15 - The Blessing of Patience - Patience and passion are near of kin. A fragment of etymology will shed light on the meaning of the words. Says Crabb, in his English synonyms: "Patie
   : Chapter 16 - Hurting the Lives of Others - It seems to have been the nurse's fault. Perhaps she was only careless. However it may have been, the maiming that came to the child that day was some
   : Chapter 17 - Cost of Being a Friend - We use the word friend very lightly. We talk of our "hosts of friends," meaning all with whom we have common friendly relations, or even pleasant acqu
   : Chapter 18 - Our Unsuspected Perils - "Because they have no changes; therefore they do not fear God." Psalm 55:19 Many of life's worst dangers are unsuspected. Where we suppose there is
   : Chapter 19 - Bearing of Our Burdens - "Put any burden upon me--only sustain me. Send me anywhere--only go with me. Sever any tie--but the one that binds me To your service and to your hear
   : Chapter 20 - Influence of Companionship - The power of one life over another life, is something almost startling. There have been single looks of an eye, which have changed a destiny. There ha
   : Chapter 21 - As it is in Heaven - "As it is in heaven" is the standard of the doings of God's will on earth, which the Lord's Prayer sets for us. It is a high ideal, and yet there can
   : Chapter 22 - Ending of the Day - There is always a sacredness about last things. We remember the last things in the life of a loved friend who is gone--the last walk we had together,

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