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A Retrospect

By J. Hudson Taylor

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - The Power Of Prayer - A RETROSPECT BY J. HUDSON TAYLOR, M.R.C.S., F.R.G.S. Thou shalt remember all the way which the Lord thy God led thee. THIRD EDITION Chapte
   Chapter 2 - The Call to Service - THE first joys of conversion passed away after a time, and were succeeded by a period of painful deadness of soul, with much conflict. But this also c
   Chapter 3 - Preparation for Service - HAVING now the twofold object in view of accustoming myself to endure hardness, and of economising in order to be able more largely to assist those am
   Chapter 4 - Further Answers to Prayer - THE remarkable and gracious deliverance I have spoken of, was a great joy to me, as well as a strong confirmation of faith; but of course ten shilling
   Chapter 5 - Life in London - I MUST not now attempt to detail the ways in which the LORD was pleased--often to my surprise, as well as to my delight--to help me from time to time.
   Chapter 6 - Strengthened by Faith - ONE day the doctor coming in found me on the sofa, and was surprised to learn that with assistance I had walked downstairs. "Now," he said, "the best
   Chapter 7 - Mighty to Save - RETURNING to London when sufficiently recovered to resume my studies, the busy life of hospital and lecture-hall was resumed; often relieved by happy
   Chapter 8 - Voyage to China - SOON after this the time so long looked forward to arrived--the time that I was to leave England for China. After being set apart with many prayers fo
   Chapter 9 - Early Missionary Experiences - ON landing in Shanghai on 1st March 1854, I found myself surrounded with difficulties that were wholly unexpected. A band of rebels, known as the "Red
   Chapter 10 - First Evangelistic Efforts - A JOURNEY taken in the spring of 1855 with the Rev. J. S. Burden of the Church Missionary Society (now the Bishop of Victoria, Hong-kong) was attended
   Chapter 11 - With the Rev. William Burns - AFTER the retaking of Shanghai by the Imperialists, in February 1855, I was enabled to rent a house within the walls of the native city, and gladly av
   Chapter 12 - Called to Swatow - HAVING to leave the neighbourhood of Black Town thus unexpectedly was a real disappointment to us, as we had hoped to spend some time evangelising in
   Chapter 13 - Man Proposes, God Disposes - IT is interesting to notice the various events which united, in the providence of GOD, in preventing my return to Swatow, and ultimately led to my set
   Chapter 14 - Providential Guidance - IT now seemed very clear that the lost property--including everything I possessed in China, with the exception of a small sum of money providentially
   Chapter 15 - Settlement in Ningpo - THE autumn of 1856 was well advanced before I reached Ningpo, one of the most ancient and influential cities on the coast of China. Opened to the resi
   Chapter 16 - Timely Supplies - NOT infrequently our GOD brings His people into difficulties on purpose that they may come to know Him as they could not otherwise do. Then He reveals
   Chapter 17 - God a Refuge for Us - A SOMEWHAT different though not less manifest answer to prayer was vouchsafed early in the year 1859. My dear wife was brought very low by illness, an
   Chapter 18 - A New Agency Needed - "My thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways My ways, saith the LORD. For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher
   Chapter 19 - The Formation of the C. I. M. - IT was thus that in the year 1865 the CHINA INLAND MISSION was organised; and the workers already in the field were incorporated into it. W. T. Berger
   Chapter 20 - The Mission in 1894 - THE events sketched in the last two chapters have been more fully delineated by Miss Guinness in her interesting Story of the China Inland Mission, wh

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