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Notes on Joshua

By J.G. Bellet

Table of Contents

   Introduction - NOTES ON JOSHUA. AN OUTLINE STUDY OF THE BOOK OF JOSHUA. "Our fathers had the tabernacle of witness in the wilderness . . which also our fath
   Chapter 1 - Joshua set in Office - Joshua 1. Joshua's ordination, as we speak, had taken place in the time of Num. 27. In this chapter he receives his charge, or is set in his office
   Chapter 2 - The Passages of the Jordan - Joshua 2-4. In these chapters we read of two passages of the river Jordan, one by the spies and another by the whole camp. The first of these was
   Chapter 3 - Gilgal - Joshua 5. In the first moment since the days of the patriarchs, the elect of God, the children of Israel, now touch the land of promise. It was a l
   Chapter 4 - Jericho and Ai - Joshua 6-8. Having entered the land and assumed their circumcision, that order of sanctification which suited the inheritance, and the presence of
   Chapter 5 - The Gibeonites - Joshua 9. In this book of Joshua, fruitful in various moral illustrations, we are now introduced to the Gibeonites, and through them to a very seri
   Chapter 6 - The Conquest of the Land - Joshua 10-12. The land, as we have seen, has now been entered in the name of the God of all the earth. Rahab, who had faith, has been delivered. Th
   Chapter 7 - The Division of the Land - Joshua 13-21. The division of the land follows the conquest of it. It becomes the inheritance of Israel, as soon as it is taken out of the hand of
   Chapter 8 - Caleb - Have we paid as much respect to Caleb, or attention to his history, as we ought to have done? We lose sight of him in the broader lines and brighter l
   Chapter 9 - The Two Tribes and a Half - Joshua 22. The army may now be disbanded. It had been enlisted in chapter 1. It had served faithfully in the wars of Canaan, but the country being
   Chapter 10 - Joshua's Last Words - Joshua 23, 24. Things under the hand of Joshua are now closing. The land has been partly conquered and wholly divided. A strange condition, as I ha
   Chapter 11 - Conclusion - In taking leave of this Book of Joshua, I would say that I read it as occupying morally very much the same place in the Old Testament which the Apocal

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