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God's Way of Peace

By Horatius Bonar

Table of Contents

   Introduction - GOD'S WAY OF PEACE A BOOK FOR THE ANXIOUS BY HORATIUS BONAR, D.D. "To him that worketh not, but believeth." Rom. iv.5 PRESBYTERIAN PUBLICAT
   Chapter 1 - God's Testimony Concerning Man - God knows us. He knows what we are; he knows also what he meant us to be; and upon the difference between these two states he founds his testimony con
   Chapter 2 - Man's Own Character No Ground of Peace - If God testify against us, who can testify for us? If God's opinion of man's sinfulness, his judgment of man's guilt, and his declaration of sin's evi
   Chapter 3 - God's Character Our Resting-Place - We have seen that a sinner's peace cannot come from himself, nor from the knowledge of himself, nor from thinking about his own acts and feelings, nor
   Chapter 4 - Righteous Grace - We have spoken of God's character as "the God of all grace." [14] We have seen that it is in "tasting that the Lord is gracious" that the sinner has p
   Chapter 5 - The Blood of Sprinkling - But an inquirer asks, What is the special meaning of the blood, of which we read so much? How does it speak peace? How does it "purge the conscience f
   Chapter 6 - The Person and Work of the Substitute - Life comes to us through death; and thus grace bounds towards us in righteousness. This we have seen in a general way. But we have something more to l
   Chapter 7 - The Word of the Truth of the Gospel - How shall I come before God, and stand in his presence, with happy confidence on my part, and gracious acceptance on his? This is the sinner's questi
   Chapter 8 - Believe and be Saved - It is the Holy Spirit alone that can draw us to the cross and fasten us to the Saviour. He who thinks he can do without the Spirit, has yet to learn h
   Chapter 9 - Believe Just Now - You are in earnest now; but I fear you are making your earnestness your Christ, and actually using it as a reason for not trusting Christ immediately.
   Chapter 10 - The Want of Power to Believe - You say, I know all these things, yet they bring me no peace. I doubt much in that case whether you do know them; and I should like you to doubt upon
   Chapter 11 - Insensibility - You say that you do not feel yourself to be a sinner; that you are not anxious enough; that you are not penitent enough. Be it so. Let me, however, a
   Chapter 12 - Jesus Only - You say, "I am not satisfied with the motives that have led me to seek Christ; they are selfish." That is very likely. The feelings of a newly awakene

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