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Touching Incidents

By S.B. Shaw

Table of Contents

   Introduction and Preface - TOUCHING INCIDENTS AND REMARKABLE ANSWERS TO PRAYER, AS RELATED BY John B. Gough D. L. Moody, Bishop Bowman, LL.D A. B. Earle, D.D. Mrs. Mary
   Part 1 - THE CHILD-HEROINE OF NEW BRUNSWICK. We have read a touching incident about three little children, who, last autumn, late in the season, wandered al
   Part 2 - PREVAILING PRAYER FOR A REVIVAL, We knew a preacher, still living, who was appointed to the charge of a church in Springfield, Ill. The church seem
   Part 3 - "DOES THIS RAILROAD LEAD TO HEAVEN?" In traveling we often meet with persons of different nationalities and languages; we also meet with incidents
   Part 4 - BISHOP SIMPSON'S RECOVERY. Bishop Bowman, of the M.E. Church, gives the following instance from his own experience: " In the fall of 1858, whilst
   Part 5 - REVIVALS VS. FAIRS-WONDERS OF PRAYER. The Methodist Preachers' Meeting of Boston was well attended last Monday, and Rev. W.N. Brodbeck, D.D., the p
   Part 6 - THE MIDNIGHT CONFLICT. Shall I repeat a true story told me by the sufferer himself a few weeks ago? And may I repeat it, so far as memory serves me
   Part 7 - THE GOLDEN RULE EXEMPLIFIED. Early one morning while it was yet dark, a poor man came to my door and informed me that he had an infant child very s
   Part 8 - WAITING FOR THE ANGELIC CONVOY. Seldom is the serenely expectant spirit of the dying Christian more graphically portrayed than in the beautiful let
   Part 9 - A VIEW OF HELL. "This she described in the most terrific language, and declared that the horrid shrieks of lost spirits still seemed to sound in he
   Part 10 - "THE BRIDAL WINE-CUP." "Pledge with wine! Pledge with wine!" cried the young and thoughtless Harry. "Pledge with wine!" ran through the bridal part
   Part 11 - A LESSON FOR MOTHERS. A little girl once said: "Mother, does God ever scold?" She had seen her mother, under circumstances of strong provocation, l
   Part 12 - HOW THREE SUNDAY-SCHOOL CHILDREN MET THEIR FATE. When the Lawrence Mills were on fire a number of years ago--I don't mean on fire, but when the mil
   Part 13 - INSTANCES OF THE POWER OF PRAYER The instances in which, in answer to prayer, God has sent remarkable deliverances to people, are numerous and stri
   Part 14 - INSTANCES OF DIVINE POWER. I. In the spring of 1858, during the prevalence of the wide-spread revivals described in Prime's "Power of Prayer," I wa
   Part 15 - THE WIDOW'S PRAYER ANSWERED. A captain's widow, whom I knew for many years of our chapel, was much concerned for the conversion of her son, who was
   Part 16 - "I DON'T LOVE YOU NOW, MOTHER." 'A great many years ago I knew a lady who had been sick for two years, as you have seen many a one, all the while s

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