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Open-Air Preaching

By Edwin Hallock Byington

Table of Contents

   Introduction - Open-Air Preaching by Edwin Hallock Byington 1892 INTRODUCTION ABOUT two thousand years ago a noted person said, "The children of this w
   1 - Open-Air Preaching in the Establishment of the Church - Open-air preaching is not one of the "new methods." It was the original way of extending among men the revealed will of God. Not only is it "as old as
   2 - Open-Air Preaching in the Extension of the Church - Christianity is spreading in successive waves, varying in frequency and force, over the earth. Each land in turn is the seat of foreign missionary lab
   3 - In the Reformation of the Church - Ever since the establishment of the Church there have been men protesting against the error, corruption, or coldness which from time to time have crep
   4 - In the Normal Life of the Church - To Christians generally the most interesting and practical question is concerning the place of open-air preaching in the normal life of the Church in
   5 - The More of It, the Better! - "The more of it the better. The more of it the better, the whole world around." These inspiring words of the great preacher, who has since passed from
   6 - As A Factor in City Evangelization - Greatness has been thrust upon our cities, at first delighting and then alarming us. To-day earnest men in every sphere of life are wrestling with the
   7 - Who Will Go For Us? - "And I heard the voice of the Lord saying, 'Whom shall I send, and who will go for us?'" If Christ were here in visible presence, as eighteen centurie
   8 - The Best Methods - I have thus far emphasized the prominence given to open-air preaching in the past and present, especially in Great Britain, and the various forms in w

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