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Bone of His Bone

By F.J. Huegel

Table of Contents

   Preface - One thing for the missionary is inevitable. If he is to go forward in the face of the seemingly insuperable obstacles which beset him, ushering in a n
   1: The Christian Life -- A Participation, Not an Imitation - One cannot make a study of the New Testament without experiencing something of the nature of a shock, in view of the glaring difference between the Ch
   2: Participants of the Cross -- Christ's Death Our Death - My purpose is to trace step by step the scope of this great principle of participation in Christ -- to measure, as it were, the length and breadth, th
   3: Participants of the Cross -- Christ's Death Our Death (continued) - The full meaning of our identification with the Saviour in His death cannot be taken in at a glance. We must tarry here at this place called Calvary i
   4: Paul -- The Chief Exponent of Co-Crucifixion - Though the Apostle Paul never knew Christ "after the flesh," he seems to have had a deeper insight into the mysteries of the Faith than the other Apos
   5: Participants of Christ's Resurrection - As we go forward step by step in the consideration of that which our participation in Christ implies, we will find that it is the key to unfathomable
   6: Christ's Ascension Our Ascension - This principle of participation -- oneness with Christ -- has reaches so unfathomable that not even the spiritual man finds it easy to scale the heigh
   7: Christ's Victory Our Victory - At no time in the Christian's pilgrimage is he free from peril. Temptations of every hue beset his path. The farther along the road, and the greater t
   8: Christ's Victory Our Victory (continued) - We are all very much at sea as touching this dark subject. Among present-day Christian leaders, teachers, and preachers none seem to be willing to ris
   9: Christ's Sufferings Our Sufferings - It is striking how over and over this word Participation appears in the New Testament. We are told that we are made partners of Christ. In Romans 6, w
   10: Christ's Appearing Our Appearing - We have not yet exhausted the deep veins of purest gold to which this principle of participation has led us. In a sense, the most sublime of all its a
   11: A Typical Case - The value of any principle in the realm of religion and ethics can only be determined by its bearing upon life. Human happiness must be the standard o
   12: The Bearing of this Position upon the Church, Missions and Prayer - 1. Its Bearing Upon the Church That the position which we have been considering is revolutionary, involving radical readjustments in all phases o

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