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F.J. Huegel

      F. J. Huegel was converted while in college as he read The Life of Christ by F. W. Farrar. He gave himself thereafter to full time ministry and served as a chaplain in World War I and as a missionary to Mexico for 25 years. He taught at Union Seminary in Mexico City. He also had an evangelistic ministry in Mexico's prisons. Huegel wrote and traveled to speak for God on the power of the cross and the inner life of the believer through the believer's participation in Christ.

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BookBone of His Bone: Preface
      One thing for the missionary is inevitable. If he is to go forward in the face of the seemingly insuperable obstacles which beset him, ushering in a new day for enslaved souls, if, I repeat, he is to do the thing which God expects of him, and the Church expects of him, and what the heart-rending need of these to whom He has come as an ambassador of
Bone of His Bone: 1: The Christian Life -- A Participation, Not an Imitation
      One cannot make a study of the New Testament without experiencing something of the nature of a shock, in view of the glaring difference between the Christian life as we are wont to live it, and the ideal of the Master. The disheartening incongruities, and the grievous contradictions are so painfully evident, that even those who have only a superfic
Bone of His Bone: 2: Participants of the Cross -- Christ's Death Our Death
      My purpose is to trace step by step the scope of this great principle of participation in Christ -- to measure, as it were, the length and breadth, the depth and the height, of this marvellous identification of the believer with his Saviour. Christ, and all true believers, are one. They constitute His body. They are, in the language of Adam, "bone
Bone of His Bone: 3: Participants of the Cross -- Christ's Death Our Death (continued)
      The full meaning of our identification with the Saviour in His death cannot be taken in at a glance. We must tarry here at this place called Calvary in order that the Holy Spirit might reveal to us the deep implications of our participation in Christ's Cross. The natural man cannot receive these things. They are spiritually discerned. But, if we
Bone of His Bone: 4: Paul -- The Chief Exponent of Co-Crucifixion
      Though the Apostle Paul never knew Christ "after the flesh," he seems to have had a deeper insight into the mysteries of the Faith than the other Apostles. He was the dominant force in the shaping of the character and life of the nascent Church. After the Master, he is the outstanding personality of the New Testament, making the greatest contributi
Bone of His Bone: 5: Participants of Christ's Resurrection
      As we go forward step by step in the consideration of that which our participation in Christ implies, we will find that it is the key to unfathomable riches, the Aladdin's Lamp of unspeakable power, the gateway to such happiness as we had never dreamed could be possible this side the gates of Heaven. We cannot take these steps without experienci
Bone of His Bone: 6: Christ's Ascension Our Ascension
      This principle of participation -- oneness with Christ -- has reaches so unfathomable that not even the spiritual man finds it easy to scale the heights and grasp its full meaning. We stand overawed. We stagger. Faith wavers. I recall a recent visit to the sea after years of seclusion in a barren desert land. When my eyes caught sight of the far
Bone of His Bone: 7: Christ's Victory Our Victory
      At no time in the Christian's pilgrimage is he free from peril. Temptations of every hue beset his path. The farther along the road, and the greater the grace, the more subtle the snares, and the more intense the opposition. It was at the end of the road in the hour of greatest achievement, in the moment of loftiest spiritual attainment, that the S
Bone of His Bone: 8: Christ's Victory Our Victory (continued)
      We are all very much at sea as touching this dark subject. Among present-day Christian leaders, teachers, and preachers none seem to be willing to risk their reputation by entering into this matter. Yet, there is no greater need in the Church today than that of light on this intricate question. Witness the "isms" springing up, all under the eaves o
Bone of His Bone: 9: Christ's Sufferings Our Sufferings
      It is striking how over and over this word Participation appears in the New Testament. We are told that we are made partners of Christ. In Romans 6, we are given to understand that His Cross is our Cross; His tomb, our tomb. In Ephesians 2, we are made to see that in Him we were raised from the dead, and actually made to sit with Him in the Heavenl
Bone of His Bone: 10: Christ's Appearing Our Appearing
      We have not yet exhausted the deep veins of purest gold to which this principle of participation has led us. In a sense, the most sublime of all its aspects has to do with the future developments of Christ's Kingdom. There is the great fact of the Saviour's coming about which the New Testament has so much to say. We are told to watch and pray, for
Bone of His Bone: 11: A Typical Case
      The value of any principle in the realm of religion and ethics can only be determined by its bearing upon life. Human happiness must be the standard of measurement. Is there real dynamic in it for the ennoblement of life, and for the fulfillment of man's deepest spiritual aspirations? When we apply this standard to the principle of participation
Bone of His Bone: 12: The Bearing of this Position upon the Church, Missions and Prayer
       1. Its Bearing Upon the Church That the position which we have been considering is revolutionary, involving radical readjustments in all phases of the Christian life, we would not deny. As never before, "old things are passed away and all things are become new." The believer becomes "a new creature," the old life having been terminated by the

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