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The Law Of Faith

By Norman P. Grubb

Table of Contents

   Preface - JANUARY 1946 IN 1940 a little book was published called Touching the Invisible A promise was then made of another book to follow, which would deal
   1. A Personal Explanation - The life of faith has had a fascination for me for over twenty-five years. So far as I remember, this interest was first quickened through the study o
   2. Faith - A Natural Faculty - WE will start at the beginning. One of the chief hindrances to the understanding and exercise of faith is the separation in our thinking between the n
   3. From Natural to Spiritual Faith - HERE now comes the connection or difference between natural and spiritual faith? There is no difference. l There are no two sorts of faith to be conne
   4. Inordinate Affection - We said before, concerning natural faith, that there are two kinds: simple and advanced. One seems almost effortless, almost automatic; the other call
   5. Undiscovered Self - Sin lies deeper than sins, which are the outward form it takes, deeper than world attachments, which are the golden chain of its subtle enslavement. S
   6. Undiscovered Self - IN Moses, more than in any other life, is the necessity of self-exposure clearly seen. How complete was his consecration; rank, wealth, pleasure, cool
   7. The Law of Transmutation - WE have not scrupled to show in some detail the ramifications of the independent self in the most earnest of God's servants. We have done so because a
   8. From Elementary to Advanced Faith - WE must examine this matter more closely. We are beginning now to touch on a subject, which has caused divisions in the Church. We must face it carefu
   9. The Swaying Battle of Faith - APPLY now the secret that Peter had learned to our subject - sanctification by faith, (Acts 26:18) the purifying of the heart by faith, (Acts 15:9) cr
   10. Full Assurance of Faith - HOW, then, do we scale this ladder of faith, and pass through the various stages from little to perfected believing? Some years ago we described in
   11. Two Testimonies - TWO quite recent and unsolicited testimonies have come our way which particularly illustrate the hunger in the hearts of many Christian people for a f
   12. The Varied Teachings of the Fullness of the Spirit - DEFINITIONS of this deeper level of Christian experience, as well as the way of apprehending it, have sharply divided the most earnest seekers after C
   13. The Centrality of the Will - MAN'S freedom of will [1] is the central point of his creation in the image of God. It is this that makes him a son and not a creature. God has in him
   14. Temptation and Its Beneficial Effects - NOWHERE is the true significance of temptation more clearly seen than in the historic forty days on the mount of temptation. There "see the Christ sta
   15. Temptation Analyzed - FROM this one perfect insight given us into the meaning and mastery of temptation, we learn several important points. One is that temptations met and
   16. Faith in the Daily Life - IT is obvious from an examination of the Bible record, both in the Old and the New Testament, that in the lives of the men of God there was invariably
   17. Speaking the Word of Faith - NOW all these varied examples of faith from both Old and New Testaments, including a great number more not mentioned, have one focal point. If the pro
   18. What Is Clear Guidance In Major Matters? - SUCH a bold use of the word of faith however must obviously raise one query in our minds which needs most careful examination. How and when can I, a m
   19. What Is Clear Guidance In Minor Matters? - WE have now examined the way "the Word of the Lord" comes to us in matters of decisive importance. But, for many, it is in the more ordinary affairs o
   20. False Faith - LIKE anything else, such truths concerning finding God's will can be abused. But so could Paul's emphasis on justification by faith. He did not, howev
   21. Strategy In Faith - BUT to return to our subject, on speaking the word of faith. If we are to do so, if we are to be bold in believing that in many circumstances of our d
   22. Unproductive Faith - ONE problem of importance remains. What about the baffling occasions when the stand of faith is taken and nothing happens? All people of faith have su
   23. An Example of a Revolutionized Faith - A YOUNG Christian leader in the U. S.A., whose life and ministry have been greatly enriched by a fuller understanding of the principles of faith and p
   24. Harmonious Relationships With Things - LIFE is response to environment, and man's environment is on three levels, spiritual, social, material. Harmonious living means that man has learned t
   25. Harmonious Relationships With People - THE question of our relationships with people is so important that we think it is worth a most careful examination. There is nothing upon which we Chr
   26. The Underlying Law of Fruitbearing Faith - THE life in the Spirit is bound to have one hall-mark that the nature of God is reproduced in the personality handed over to Him; for such a handing-o
   Appendix - The Dialectic of Life and Its Origin - TO some minds, origins are of little interest; facts are facts and let them be faced as such. To others an attempt at the explanation of the origin of

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