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Norman P. Grubb
      Norman Percy Grubb was born in England. Although his father was an Anglican pastor and he was raised in a Christian home when he was a teenager he was asked by a family friend if he belonged to Christ. It was then that he asked Jesus Christ to be his savior.
      He was educated at Trinity College in Cambridge and while there had the vision for Inter-Varsity Fellowship, now known as Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship. He served in WW I and was injured and sent home to recover. While in the hospital he was given a tract telling of C. T. Studd's work in the Belgian Congo. He knew God's call for him to join this work.
      In the months to come he met and married Studd's daughter, Pauline and they sailed for Africa to join her father. After serving the Africans Norman found himself in a dire predicament. He found he could not love them as he knew God would have him do. It was then that God gave him and Pauline a verse that would be the cornerstone for the rest of his life's work...Galatians 2:20.
       "I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me: and the life I now live in the flesh I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me."
      Norman and Pauline remained in the Congo for ten years. Their first child, Noel, died there. God gave them three more children, Paul, Priscilla and Daniel. Norman remained with the mission group began by C. T. Studd, Worldwide Evangelization Crusade, until his retirement in 1965.
      His retirement turned out to be God's redirection for his life. He traveled the U.S. and England until he was 95 years old sharing Paul's mystery of the gospel.
      He was bedridden the last three years of his life and God took him home on December 15, 1993.
      Norman wrote many books in his lifetime of a theological nature and also biographies of great men and women of faith as well as numerous articles for magazines, booklets and forwards in others books.

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PamphletContinuous Revival: Preface
      These few pages are an attempt to describe a revolutionary experience in my own life, and in that of many others, of the way of continuous revival. I have known no other word from God which so simply and thoroughly reaches down to where ordinary folks live, and is found by us to be the secret of victorious living. By no means is it something which
Continuous Revival: 1. The Walk
      Now to go into the matter point by point. I learned first of a wholly now emphasis on the WALK of the Christian. I learned that in our evangelical and rightful zeal to bring sinners to the crisis of the new birth, and to lead the saints on to further crises of separation, consecration, sanctification, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or whatever migh
Continuous Revival: 2. Brokenness
      The next point is BROKENNESS. A picturesque word, a key word, indeed THE key word, in continuous revival. It is not a word that comes a great deal in Scripture, though more than we think, if we examine a concordance; but it comes enough to show that it is a picturesque, as well as true, way of describing the sinner's only and constant relationship
Continuous Revival: 3. Cups Running Over
      We will now turn to the first chapter of John's first epistle to lead us further in this walking. Verse 3 speaks at the beginning of a two-way fellowship, "that ye also may have fellowship with us," and "truly our fellowship is with the Father and with His Son, Jesus Christ." Then it goes on in verse 4 to say that he writes to us "that your joy may
Continuous Revival: 4. Conviction, Confession, Cleansing
      Here then are the three main points of the walk in continuous revival -- Walking with Jesus, Brokenness, Cups Running Over. But when cups do not run over, which is very often -- hen what? Only sin stops the inner witness. Then how are we to know what the sin is? The answer to that is to be found in reading on in this key chapter of 1_John 1. Verse
Continuous Revival: 5. Testimony
      But that is not all. That is still leaving out the further step which is the missing link in our evangelical living, the very link which releases the revival in our hearts and others. Remember again that saving faith, the first act of brokenness, was a two-way faith. Remember that the costly part of that faith was not the heart-believing before God
Continuous Revival: 6. Exhortation
      There remains one further stage in revival fellowship, and a most important one. We have seen: walking with Jesus step by step; two-way brokenness; cups running over, and when they don't run over; walking in the light, letting God show sin as sin; thus confession and cleansing in the blood; and finally, as God gives opportunity, giving glory to God
Continuous Revival: 7. Revival
      This completes what has been on my heart and mind to outline as God's way of continuous revival. I doubt that the use of much further actual illustration would add a great deal. I just mention a few points. I have learned in fellowship with others who have formed the habit of regularly testifying one to the other of God's immediate dealings in thei
ArticleIt's As Simple As This
       God All In All I have to start, however, with theology, for I have no understanding of man except in his relationship to God. I understand that God is the One Person in the Universe. Besides Him there is no other He is Power, Peace, Joy. Christ is the Way, Truth, Life. He is made unto us Wisdom, Righteousness, Sanctification. His name is "I AM
ArticleRevival In The Christian Body
       Two weeks ago, in our issue for January 27, Mr. Grubb discussed the possi bility and necessity of a continuous revival, both individual and corporate. A. W. Tozer In my previous article I told you something of what the Lord has been teaching me recently about continuous, community revival, with the emphasis on both "continuous" and "communi
ArticleRomans 6 to 8: Part 1: Paul's Key to the Liberated Life
      I suppose every eager searcher after God's truth for the liberated life knows that the biblical key to opening the door lies in Paul's letter to the Romans, chapters six to eight. I have been a persistent searcher for years, and these pages of my many Bibles have been well worn! I think now, in my nineties, as never before, I have in working focus
Romans 6 to 8: Part 2: Paul's Answer
      In Part One of this article, Paul had pointed out that in our redeemed experience of justification by faith and new birth of the Spirit, we do not continue in sin. The reason is that as our Lord Jesus Christ died and rose again as representing us, we then died with Him to being sin-indwelt and rose with Him to being Christ-indwelt, as symbolized by
Romans 6 to 8: Part 3: The Lost Secret
      In this final part of our Romans 6 to 8 -- Paul's key to the liberated life -- let us start by reviewing briefly what has been said in the previous two parts. In essence, the lost secret now revealed is that we humans were never created to be self-dependent or self-operating. There is no such thing as am independent human self. We were marvelously
BookThe Law Of Faith: Preface
      JANUARY 1946 IN 1940 a little book was published called Touching the Invisible A promise was then made of another book to follow, which would deal more fully with the spiritual truths touched upon in its pages. This book is the promised attempt. It has not been lightly written; indeed, after practically completing the manuscript some four yea
The Law Of Faith: 1. A Personal Explanation
      The life of faith has had a fascination for me for over twenty-five years. So far as I remember, this interest was first quickened through the study of George Muller's life; then by the fact of a clear call from God to join a "faith" mission, which was at that time best known by its earlier name of heart of Africa Mission, but is now known by its e
The Law Of Faith: 2. Faith - A Natural Faculty
      WE will start at the beginning. One of the chief hindrances to the understanding and exercise of faith is the separation in our thinking between the natural and spiritual, due to the fall. There is flesh and there is Spirit. Flesh draws upon one set of energies, Spirit upon another. Faith, it is argued, belongs to the realm of the Spirit. It is a "
The Law Of Faith: 3. From Natural to Spiritual Faith
      HERE now comes the connection or difference between natural and spiritual faith? There is no difference. l There are no two sorts of faith to be connected, for, in both realms, it is the exercise of the one and only God implanted faculty of faith. The difference is merely in the object of faith. But here there is a difference so radical that it mig
The Law Of Faith: 4. Inordinate Affection
      We said before, concerning natural faith, that there are two kinds: simple and advanced. One seems almost effortless, almost automatic; the other calls for concentration, adventure, and persistence. It is the same in the life of the Spirit. Saving faith is very simple. "Except ye become as a little child, ye cannot enter." A man sees his need, s
The Law Of Faith: 5. Undiscovered Self
      Sin lies deeper than sins, which are the outward form it takes, deeper than world attachments, which are the golden chain of its subtle enslavement. Sin is the root; sins are the fruit. Sin's dwelling place is in the ego ("the sin that dwelleth in me"), in the center of the personality, in the heart. Sin reveals itself in its subtlest shades in all
The Law Of Faith: 6. Undiscovered Self
      IN Moses, more than in any other life, is the necessity of self-exposure clearly seen. How complete was his consecration; rank, wealth, pleasure, coolly and deliberately rejected for the greater honor of suffering affliction with the people of God, and the greater riches of the reproach of Christ. The Scriptures contain no more magnificent descript

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