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Continuous Revival

By Norman P. Grubb

Table of Contents

   Preface - These few pages are an attempt to describe a revolutionary experience in my own life, and in that of many others, of the way of continuous revival. I
   1. The Walk - Now to go into the matter point by point. I learned first of a wholly now emphasis on the WALK of the Christian. I learned that in our evangelical and
   2. Brokenness - The next point is BROKENNESS. A picturesque word, a key word, indeed THE key word, in continuous revival. It is not a word that comes a great deal in
   3. Cups Running Over - We will now turn to the first chapter of John's first epistle to lead us further in this walking. Verse 3 speaks at the beginning of a two-way fellows
   4. Conviction, Confession, Cleansing - Here then are the three main points of the walk in continuous revival -- Walking with Jesus, Brokenness, Cups Running Over. But when cups do not run o
   5. Testimony - But that is not all. That is still leaving out the further step which is the missing link in our evangelical living, the very link which releases the
   6. Exhortation - There remains one further stage in revival fellowship, and a most important one. We have seen: walking with Jesus step by step; two-way brokenness; cu
   7. Revival - This completes what has been on my heart and mind to outline as God's way of continuous revival. I doubt that the use of much further actual illustrat

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