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Pentecost Rejected

By Aaron Hills

Table of Contents

   Dedication - To the watchmen on the towers of Zion who are troubled by the spiritual dearth of Israel; and to the seeking souls who are hungering and thirsting for
   1. Pentecost Rejected; And Its Effect On The Churches - So long as the early Christian Church frequented the Pentecostal chamber, her career was one of unbroken triumphs. While her leaders were sanctified,
   2. The Denial of the Heart-cleansing Work of the Holy Ghost - There is a class of religious teachers who champion Pentecost, but belittle the experience. They commend the baptism with the Holy Ghost, but deny its
   3. What this Pentecostal Blessing is which People are Rejecting, and How It May Be Obtained - If we were to take a text or two to indicate the Divine endorsement of our teaching and give added weight to our words, out of very many that might be
   4. Pentecost Received Results in Walking with God and Separation from the World - God's Word On The Subject I. Commanded Gen. 17:1: "The Lord appeared unto Abraham and said unto him, I am the Almighty God; WALK before Me, an

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