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Quiet Talks with World Winners

By S.D. Gordon

Table of Contents

   Table of Contents - Quiet Talks with World Winners By S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks on Power," "Quiet Talks About Jesus," "Quiet Talks on Personal Prob
   1 - The Master Passion - The Earliest Calvary Picture. There's a great passion burning in the heart of God. It is tenderly warm and tenaciously strong. Its fires never burn
   2 - The Master's Plan - Will the World Be Won? The great passion of God's heart is a love-passion. Love never fails. It waits and, if need be, waits long; but it never fai
   3 - The Urgent Need - Three Great Groups. The human heart is tender. It answers quickly to the cry of need. It is oftentimes hard to find. In Christian lands it is cover
   4 - The Present Opportunity - Somebody's Knocking at the Door. There's a soft, tender passion in the heart of God. Its flame burns steadily. It never flags nor dims. It's a pass
   5 - The Pressing Emergency - The October Panic. A man walked up the steps of a well-known bank in lower New York one morning, about a half-hour before opening-time, and stood b
   6 - The Past Failure - Some of God's Failures. God fails, sometimes. That is to say, the plan He has made and set His heart upon fails. Eden was God's plan for man. A
   7 - The Coming Victory - Failure Swallowed by Victory. But God's failures are only for a while. They are real. There is the tragic element in them. There is the deep, sad t
   8 - The Church - Forces That Win. God's world is full of winning forces. The great ball of fire around which our earth revolves is the greatest winning force in the
   9 - Each One of Us - Our Drawing Power. The greatest human winning force is a man swayed in every bit of his being by the Spirit of Jesus. Man himself is the most attra
   10 - Jesus - Jesus Draws Men. The great heart-magnet is God. No one is so winsomely attractive as He. His winning power is beyond any other. Man is winsome. But
   11 - The Holy Spirit - The Last Talk Together. A little group of men were climbing the winding path that led up Olivet's slope. The Master was in the midst, and the other
   12 - Prayer - The Greatest Doing Is Praying. The greatest of all things we can do is to pray . Jesus lived a life of prayer. All that He did and said grew
   13 - Money - Limitations. Money seems almost almighty in its power to do things, and make changes. It can make a desert blossom as a rose. It can even defy deat
   14 - Sacrifice - One Hank Over For the Candle. The light of a common candle in the window of a little cottage near the coast shone far out over the sea. It was up n
   15 - Footnotes - [1] Acts 13:18, American Revision. [2] John 3:17. [3] Matthew 13:38. [4] John 12:20-33. [5] Matthew 24:14. [6] Revelation 20:7-8. [7

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