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Quiet Talks on Prayer

By S.D. Gordon

Table of Contents

   Table Of Contents - Quiet Talks on Prayer by S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks on Power," and "Quiet Talks about Jesus", etc. Copyright, 1904, by Flemi
   1 - Prayer the Greatest Outlet of Power - Five Outlets of Power. A great sorrow has come into the heart of God. Let it be told only in hushed voice--one of His worlds is a prodigal! Hush yo
   2 - Prayer the Deciding Factor in a Spirit Conflict - A Prehistoric Conflict. In its simplest meaning prayer has to do with a conflict. Rightly understood it is the deciding factor in a spirit conflict
   3 - The Earth, the Battle-Field in Prayer - Prayer a War Measure. This world is God's prodigal son. The heart of God's bleeds over His prodigal. It has been gone so long, and the home circle
   4 - Does Prayer Influence God? - How God Gives. Some one may object to all this that the statements of God's word do not agree with this point of view. At random memory brings u
   5 - Why the Results Fail - Breaking with God. God answers prayer. Prayer is God and man joining hands to secure some high end. He joins with us through the communication of p
   6 - Why the Results are Delayed - God's Pathway to Human Hearts. God touches men through men. The Spirit's path to a human heart is through another human heart. With reverence be it
   7 - The Great Outside Hindrance - The Traitor Prince. There remains yet a word to be said about hindrances. It is a most important word; indeed the climactic word. What has been sai
   8 - The "How" of Relationship - God's Ambassadors. If I had an ambition to be the ambassador of this country to our mother-country, there would be two essential things involved. T
   9 - The "How" of Method - Touching the Hidden Keys. One of the most remarkable illustrations in recent times of the power of prayer, may be found in the experience of Mr. Mo
   10 - The Listening Side of Prayer - A Trained Ear. In prayer the ear is an organ of first importance. It is of equal importance with the tongue, but must be named first. For the ear l
   11 - Something about God's Will in Connection With Prayer - He Came to His Own. The purpose of prayer is to get God's will done. What a stranger God is in His own world! Nobody is so much slandered as He. He
   12 - May we Pray With Assurance for the Conversion of Our Loved Ones - God's Door into a Home. The heart of God hungers to redeem the world. For that He gave His own, only Son though the treatment He received tore that
   13 - A Pen Sketch. - When God would win back His prodigal world He sent down a Man. That Man while more than man insisted upon being truly a man. He touched human life at
   14 - Dissolving Views. - Let me rapidily sketch those fifteen mentions of the gospel writers, attempting to keep their chronological order. The first mention is by Luke, in
   15 - Deepening Shadows. - We shall perhaps understand better some of the remaining prayer incidents if we remember that Jesus is now in the last year of His ministry, the acute
   16 - Under the Olive Trees. - The twelfth mention is made by Luke, chapter twenty-two. It is Thursday night of Passion week, in the large upper room in Jerusalem where He is celebr
   17 - A Composite Picture. - It may be helpful to make the following summary of these allusions. 1. His times of prayer: His regular habit seems plainly to have been to devote
   18 - Footnotes - [1] John 15:16. [2] "Demon Possession," by J. L. Nevius. [3] Psalm 24:1. [4] Psalm 29:10. [5] Genesis 1:26, 28. Psalms 8:6. See quotations

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