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Quiet Talks about Jesus

By S.D. Gordon

Table of Contents

   Preface - Quiet Talks about Jesus by S. D. Gordon Author of "Quiet Talks on Power," and "Quiet Talks on Prayer" Contents A Bit Ahead
   1 - The Purpose in Jesus' Coming - part 1 - God Spelling Himself out in Jesus. Jesus is God spelling Himself out in language that man can understand. God and man used to talk together freely.
   1 - The Purpose in Jesus' Coming - part 2 - Sin's Brood. The second great result of that Eden break has been in the growth of sin. In the seventeenth century after that it was said that man's
   2 - The Plan for Jesus' Coming - The Image of God. Man is God's darling--the king and crown of creation. The whole creation was made for him to develop and rule over and enjoy. He
   3 - The Tragic Break in the Plan - part 1 - The Jerusalem Climate. Then Jesus came. His coming was greeted with great gladness above, and great silence below. Above, the stars sent a special
   3 - The Tragic Break in the Plan - part 2 - That tremendous last week now begins. Jesus is seen to be the one masterly figure in the week's events. In comparison with His calm steady movements,
   4 - Some Surprising Results of the Tragic Break - The Surprised Jew. God proposes. Man disposes. God proposed a king, and a world-wide kingdom with great prosperity and peace. Man disposed of that
   5 - The Human Jesus - God's Meaning of "Human." Jesus is God becoming man's fellow. He comes down by his side and says, "Let's pull up together." Jesus was a man. He was
   6 - The Divine Jesus - Jehovah--Jesus. Of all the men who knew Jesus intimately John stands first and highest. He misunderstood for a time. He failed to understand, as di
   7 - The Winsome Jesus - The Face of Jesus Jesus was God letting man see the beauty of His face and listen to the music of His voice, and feel the irresistibly gentle drawi
   8 - The Jordan: The Decisive Start - The Anvil of Experience. Experience is going through a thing yourself, and having it go through you. And "through" here means not as a spear is thr
   9 - The Wilderness: Temptation - The University of Arabia. The Jordan led to the Wilderness by a straight road. A first step without slipping leads to the second. Victory opens the
   10 - The Transfiguration: An Emergency Measure - God in Sore Straits. The darkest hour save only one has now come in Jesus' life. And that one which was actually darkest, in every way, from every
   11 - Gethsemane: The Strange, Lone Struggle - The Pathway In. Great events always send messengers ahead. There is a movement in the spirit currents. A sort of tremor of expectancy affects the f
   12 - Calvary: Victory - Yielding to Arrest. It is probably close to midnight when Jesus steps out from among the trees to meet the crowds headed by the traitor. He knew th
   13 - The Resurrection: Gravity Upward - A New Morning. It was near the dawning of a new morning, the morning of a new day destined to be a great day. While yet dark there come a number of
   14 - The Ascension: Back Home Again Until---- - Tarry Ye--Go Ye. One day the disciples and followers of Jesus had met in Jerusalem, when Jesus Himself came again in their midst and talked with th
   15 - Study Notes - Analysis and References The spirit-key to an understanding of God's Word is surrender of will and life to His mastery. "He that is willing to do Hi

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