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By F.B. Meyer

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   Preface - REPEATED perusal of the Books of Scripture, and especially of the Epistles, will enable the devout student to detect certain words, which keep recurri
   1 - The Father - WE NEED BOTH GRACE AND PEACE (Ephesians 1:2) Grace to help in our times of need; Peace to keep our heart and mind. The one as the blue vault of Heave
   2 - The Father's Wealth - THE Epistle to the Ephesians is full of the wealth of God's nature. It is set to that master-chord struck centuries before by a temple minstrel, "Thou
   3 - In Him - THE sponge, as it expands in its native seas, is in the clear warm water; and the water is in it. Thus there is a double In-ness between the Lord and
   4 - Created In Him - CREATE is one of the great words of the Bible. It is its peculiar possession. Other religious books have their cosmogonies, and attempt to explain how
   5 - The Heavenly Places - IN HIS conversation with Nicodemus, while the night-breeze played over the sleeping city, coming and going as it would, our Lord spoke of Himself as b
   6 - Love: On God's Side - GOD'S LOVE FLOWS TO US THROUGH THE CHANNEL OF THE BELOVED. (Ephesians 1:6) We must not think that the Father loves us because our Saviour interposed
   7 - Love: On Our Side - IN ITS deepest sense love is the perquisite of Christianity. There is something like it, in germ, at least, outside the school of Christ; just as wild
   8 - The Holy Spirit - THE Holy Spirit is the special promise of the Father, made to those who are one with his Son by a living faith. "Wait," said our Lord, "for the promis
   9 - Filled - IT IS said of Abraham that he died in a good old age, an old man, and full. It is a beautiful conception; as though all his nature had reached its com
   10 - Power - MAN longs for Power. The young man will give all he has for love; the older man counts no sacrifice too great for power. He who wields power is the id
   11 - The Church - No congregation, or set of congregations, can realize the sublime conception of the Church that rises before our vision in Ephesians. It is as if the
   12 - The Reciprocal Inheritance - THROUGHOUT the Old Testament there runs the double thought of our inheritance in God, and God's in us. And, as we shall see, this two-fold aspect of o
   13 - Man in Christ - CHRIST is the ideal man. Once, in the course of the ages, the plant of human nature seemed to bear a perfect flower of stainless purity and ineffable
   14 - Our Walk - Our walk is a synonym for our life. Life is a walk from the cradle to the grave. Our steps emerge from the jewelled gates of birth, traverse rock and
   15 - The Christian Armed - EACH Christian has to meet with the powers of hell, in his own life, and in his capacity as a soldier of the Gospel of Christ. It is with the latter a

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