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By F.B. Meyer

Table of Contents

   1 - The Source of Elijah's Strength - This chapter begins with the conjunction "And." It is, therefore, an addition to what has gone before; and it is God's addition. When we have read to
   2 - Beside the Drying Brook - We are studying the life of a man of like passions with ourselves, one who was weak where we are weak, failing where we would fail. But he stood, sing
   3 - Ordered to Zarephath - A friend of mine, spending a few days in the neighborhood of our English lakes, came upon the most beautiful shrubs he had ever seen. Arrested by thei
   4 - The Spirit and Power of Elijah - How can those who have traveled in Switzerland forget the early mornings when they have been summoned from sleep to await the dawn? A weird and myster
   5 - The Test of the Homelife - Many a man might bear himself as a hero and saint in the solitudes of Cherith, or on the heights of Carmel, and yet wretchedly fail in the homelife of
   6 - Obadiah -- A Contrast - After many days the word of the Lord again summoned Elijah to be on the move. Months, and even years had passed in the retirement of Zarephath. The wi
   7 - The Plan of Campaign - When Elijah left Zarephath, his mind was utterly destitute of any fixed plan of action. He knew that he must show himself to Ahab and than rain was no
   8 - The Conflict on the Heights of Carmel - It is early morning upon Mount Carmel. We are standing on the highest point, looking northward to where Hermon, on the extreme borders of the land, re
   9 - Rain at Last! - We can, to a very inadequate degree, realize the horrors of an Eastern drought. And it would have been difficult in the parched land on which Elijah g
   10 - How the Mighty Fell! - Amid the drenching storm with which the memorable day of the convocation closed in, the king and the prophet reached Jezreel. Probably they were the f
   11 - Loving-kindness Better than Life - The holy apostle, whose earliest lessons of the love of God were conned as he leaned on the bosom of Christ, tells us, in words deep and simple as som
   12 - The "Still Small Voice" - Refreshed by sleep and food, Elijah resumed his journey across the desert to Horeb. Perhaps no spot on earth is more associated with the manifested pr
   13 - "Go, Return!" - It is a very solemn thought that one sin may forever, so far as this world is concerned, wreck our usefulness. It is not always so. Sometimes -- as in
   14 - Naboth's Vineyard - In a room of the palace, Ahab, king of Israel, lies upon his couch with his face toward the wall, refusing to eat. What has taken place? Has disaster
   15 - The Old Courage Again - In order to understand the striking episode before us, we must think ourselves out of this dispensation, the main characteristic of which is gentle me
   16 - Evensong - It was the cherished wish of Dr. Chalmers that he should be granted a Sabbatic decade, after the six decades of work, between the sixtieth and seventi
   17 - The Translation - We have reached at length one of the most sublime scenes of Old Testament story. We should have been glad to learn the most minute particulars concern
   18 - A Double Portion of Elijah's Spirit - There is one incident forever associated with the translation of Elijah, which, though it largely concerns his friend and successor, is so characteris
   19 - The Transfiguration - Wordsworth and all his followers were students in the school of Jesus Christ. Never breathed a more enthusiastic lover of nature than He. Lilies could
   20 - "Filled with the Holy Spirit" - What may not one man do in one brief life, if he is willing to be simply a living conduit-pipe through which the power of God may descend to men? Ther

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