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A Good Start

By F.B. Meyer

Table of Contents

   Preface - THE chapters in this little book might be called "Work-a-day Sermons." They are intended to bring the highest principles of our holy religion to bear
   1 - Tempers, and What to do With Them - WHAT a shadow is cast over lives and homes by bad tempers! It is Sunday morning, God's day of rest and peace, when the worry and rush of the world sho
   2 - Exaggeration - BENEATH all exaggeration there is a basis of truth. When an American said that the whey which flowed from the making of a large cheese in his country
   3 - On Falling in Love - No flirting, young people, please! You cannot flit around the flame without the risk of burning your wings; and remember, if these are lost, you canno
   4 - On Being Straight - To be straight is to be true. There is no more important exhortation on the page of Scripture, than where the Apostle says, "Whatsoever things are tru
   5 - On Doing a Good Day's Work - LONGFELLOW'S village blacksmith felt that "something accomplished, something done," had earned a night's repose; and f suppose that he did little else
   6 - Savorless Salt - No wonder that the common people hung on Christ's words. He was a Master of the Art of Illustration, because he sought his emblems, not from remote co
   7 - Our Holidays - WE need to have a pause in the rush of our life, whether by the seaside, on the moor, or in the green nook of the country. As nature needs the repose
   8 - How to Spend Sunday - "A Sabbath well spent brings a week of content." So the old couplet runs, but the difficulty lies in how to spend Sunday well. Too many seem only p
   9 - Amusements - THIS difficulty about amusements, where to go and where not to go, is not a new one. It agitated the Christians at Corinth centuries ago as it agitate
   10 - Use of the Senses - Our senses give warning signals when danger is near. This is perhaps their secondary use, but it is the most vital. The eye, ear, nose, the senses of
   11 - Christmas - HERE again I Welcome, thrice welcome! The darkest, shortest days of the year are an appropriate season to select for the Yule-log, the good cheer, the

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