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Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth

By Harry Ironside

Table of Contents

   Chapter 1 - What is Ultra-Dispensationalism? - Wrongly Dividing the Word of Truth Ultra-Dispensationalism Examined in the Light of the Holy Scriptures By Dr. Harry Ironside Chapter
   Chapter 2 - The Four Gospels and Their Relation to the Church - HOWEVER they may differ in regard to minor details of their various systems, practically all ultra-dispensationalists are a unit in declaring that the
   Chapter 3 - The Transitional Period - ...Is the Church of The Acts the Body of Christ? HERE is perhaps nothing about which the ultradispensationalists are more certain, according to the
   Chapter 4 - When Was the Revelation of the Mystery of the One Body Given? - IT IS contended by Bullingerites, and others of like ilk, that Paul did not receive the revelation of the mystery of the one Body until he was impriso
   Chapter 5 - Further Examination of the Epistles - PASSING over for the present the Apostle Paul's presentation of the sevenfold unity of Christianity in Ephesians 4, and his identification of the Body
   Chapter 6 - Is the Church the Bride of the Lamb? - ONE of the first positions generally taken by the ultra-dispensationalists is that it is unthinkable that the Church should be the Body of Christ, and
   Chapter 7 - Do Baptism and the Lord's Supper Have Any Place - the Present Dispensation of the Grace of God? IT is most distressing to one who has revelled in the grace of God for years, but has recognize
   Chapter 8 - Concluding Remarks - IN closing this review of the system of teaching which we have had before us, I do not think it necessary to go into the questions at any length of So

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