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A Voice from Eternity: Introduction

By George Kulp

      Soul Searching Sermons
      By George B. Kulp

      Author of
      Nuggets of Gold

      God's Revivalist Office
      "Mount of Blessings"
      Cincinnati, Ohio

      Printed Book Copyright 1909
      by God's Revivalist Office


      The soul-searching sermons of this volume have not been chosen for their literary and rhetorical excellency or fineness, for Wesley said, "To write fine sermons is as much a mark of vanity as to wear a fine coat." But we know that this preacher is a holy man of God, divinely called and anointed, and the unction of God was upon him while he endeavored -- not only endeavored but succeeded, by the aid of the Holy Spirit, in lifting up the wounded, bleeding, dying Son of God as the only hope of the world; and lifting Him up, was able to draw "all men," the high, the low, the rich, the poor, the outcast, the down-trodden, unto Him who is able to save to the uttermost.

      These soul-stirring sermon have been preached to hundreds, yea thousands, at camp-meetings and conventions, and have been used of God to awaken the unsaved to their condition and cause them to seek Christ; and the believer to go on unto perfection.

      One recently called at the Bible School inquiring the way to Heaven; telling us that he desired to be an evangelist and tell others the story, but he was never able to do it. After explaining the way of salvation to him, soon he was on his knees crying to God for mercy, and in a little while he arose, waving and clapping his hands, jumping and shouting and saying, "I feel different; I have a new spirit; now I can tell it to others." The great trouble with the Church today is that many ministers have gone to evangelizing, who have failed to first have their own hearts evangelized by the Holy Spirit, consequently they stand before the hearers unable to point out to them the way of deliverance from sin Thank God for holy men who not only thunder the law from Sinai as the prophets of old, but have a personal experience as they had, and can tell of a Savior who is able to "sprinkle clean water" upon them and to cleanse them from alt their filthiness and from all their idols, and to put His Spirit within them and to cause them to walk in His statutes and to do them.

      We believe that the messages of this book will not only reveal to sinners their sins which are as scarlet, but also a Savior who will wash them whiter than snow; will not only point the leper to his spots, but also to the Hand that can touch and heal them; that will not bring a fallen girl before an accusing, condemning crowd; but to the Savior who will say, "Go thy way and sin no more;" that will help the prodigal not only to realize his fallen condition, but will give him a vision of his Father's house with light brightly burning and wide open door, with his Heavenly Father waiting to blot out all his transgressions, and remember them no more forever; to kill the fatted calf and make merry because of his return.

      Go, thou silent messenger, and herald the glad tidings of our King; and may the Holy Spirit of truth who has promised to convict the world of sin, of righteousness and of judgment use thee to glorify Him who hath redeemed us and washed us in His own precious blood.

      M. G. Standley

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