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Suggestions For Personal Workers

By Billy Sunday

      Our Motto
      "Every Christian a Personal Worker"

      Lift up your eyes and look on the fields for they are white already to harvest - John 4:35.

      Go out into the highway and hedges and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. - Luke 14:23

      This pamphlet was originally drawn up by the Personal Work Committee of the Boston Campaign. It was used extensively in the Buffalo Campaign also.

      General Suggestions

      By personal work is meant the leading of individuals one by one, to commit themselves to Jesus Christ as the Lord and Savior.

      Efficiency in this work does not necessarily demand an expert knowledge of the Bible nor of theology, nor skill and power in argument and discussion.

      It does call for unshaken knowledge of what Jesus Christ has done for us, and deep - rooted purpose to share that knowledge with others.

      The obligation to do this work rests equally upon ever confessed follower of Christ. Failure here is disloyalty to the "Great Commission".

      Don't let the consciousness of your own unworthiness keep you from this work. Speak as a saved sinner.

      There can be no greater mistake in working for an individual soul for Christ than the fatal mistake of not making an honest endeavor.

      Do not be afraid of rebuffs, for it is seldom that one meets a rebuff when courteously, tactfully, and earnestly expressing an interest in another's eternal welfare.

      Do not wait for some great opportunity to do this work, but remember that no opportunity is so slight that it may safely be passed.

      Some Essentials

      Knowledge experimental that Jesus Christ is your personal Savior. - 2 Tim. 1:2.
      A personal conviction of the value of a human soul.
      A keen sense of the seriousness of sin.
      A full appreciation of the completeness of Christ's salvation to him who accepts.
      A waiting upon God for the infilling of His spirit for service.
      A realization that your first obligation in life is the "KING'S BUSINESS."
      A recognition of the fact that the only way to learn how to do personal work is by doing it.
      That we should remember that this was Christ's own preferred method of work, as it is His preferred method for us today.

      Things a Convert Should Know

      That one's safety rests in Christ and His work. - 1 Cor. 15:14.
      That one's assurance rests in what God has said. - 1 John 5:13.
      That his PEACE depends on not grieving the Holy Spirit. - Eph. 4:30-32.
      That SALVATION is an outward and not an inward look. - Isa. 45:22.
      That while it takes only a moment to RECEIVE Christ it takes an eternity to COMPREHEND Him. - Phil. 3:10-14.
      That FAITH without WORKS is dead. Jas. 2:17, Luke 22:32.

      Following Up Your Efforts

      Impress on the individual the importance of jealousy guarding the beginning of the new life. - Matt 13:3-9, 19:23.

      Continue, if possible, to sustain a helpful relation to Him.

      (A) By aiding him and breaking off all associations unfavorable to growth in the Christian life.

      (B) By surrounding him with congenial Christian friends whom will take an interest in him.

      (C) By aiding him to require a knowledge of God's word.

      (D) By interesting him in some suitable line of definite Christian work.

      In Your Church and at the Tabernacle

      There will be found many opportunities for personal work in this campaign outside as well as inside the tabernacle.

      Begin by inviting individuals to your church and to the Tabernacle.

      Every Christian in the Tabernacle should feel it is his or her privilege, as well as duty, to engage in personal work.

      When Mr. Sunday calls for decisions speak to some unconverted person near you and prayerfully encourage him or her to go forward and publicly confess Christ.

      The secret of success of this whole program of personal work will depend upon the spirit and the persistence with which it is undertaken.

      Do not let the campaign pass without having done your part in leading souls to Christ.

      "In as much as ye have done it unto one of the least of these my brethren, ye have done it unto me."

      What to Do and What Not to Do

      Be perfectly natural, tactful and courteous in your approach when engaged in doing personal work.

      Avoid repelling, seek to attract. Remember we are to win men.

      Deal with the individual alone, when possible.

      Avoid terms not in common use among the unconverted.

      Avoid the spirit of controversy.

      Find out what the person believes rather than what he does not believe.

      Ignore differences of creed. Avoid proselytizing. Present Jesus Christ.

      Before giving the word of God, ascertain the condition of mind of the person that you may rightly divide the word of truth unto him.

      Be candid in dealing with sin.

      So far as you can, in presenting Christ, select persons of your own sex and age, or younger.

      If possible make an engagement for an interview with the individual under the most favorable conditions. Be frank with him.

      Engage in prayer together, if expedient.

      Urge a decision. Delay is usually unwise.

      After having done your best if there seems to be no result, prayerfully leave the sinner and the seed you have sown to God, the Judge of all.

      If possible, prayerfully follow up the individual later.

      Our chief concern must be the giving of the invitation. The results are between Christ and the individual.

      Words for the Worker

      "The Bible is the soul winners indispensable equipment, even though it is not necessarily his tool."

      ASSURANCE- John 7:17, Rom. 8:16, 1Cor. 10:13, Phil 1:16, Heb. 2:16, 1John 5:11-13.
      ATONEMENT- Rom. 5:18, 1John 1:7, 2:2.
      ETERNAL LIFE- John 5:24, 17:3, Rom. 6:23.
      FAITH- Mark 16:16, John 1:12, 3:16-17, Heb. 11:1.
      FORGIVENESS- Isa. 1:18, 44:22, 55:7, Eph. 1:7.
      KEEPING POWER- Isa. 41:10, 13, 1Cor. 10:13.
      LIVING- Luke 16:10, 1:13, Gal. 5:1, Phil. 3:13, Col. 2:23, Heb. 12:1-2.
      LOVE- John 3:16, 1John 4:9-10, 3:1, 16.
      PRAYER- Isa. 55:17, Matt. 6:6-13, 1John 5:14.
      PROCRASTINATION- Prov. 27:12, Matt. 25:1-13.
      SALVATION- Prov. 28:13, Ezek. 36:26-27, John 3:16-17, 6:37, Rom. 10:9-10, Eph. 2:8-9, Titus 3:5, Heb. 7:25.
      SERVICE- Matt. 28:19-20, 1Cor. 12, Jas. 2.
      SIN- Isa. 64:6, Jer. 2:19-22, Rom. 3:10,23, Jas. 2:10
      THE TIME- Prov. 27:1, Isa. 55:6, Mark 8:36, 2Cor. 6:2, Heb. 3:15.
      THE WORD- Josh. 1:8, Acts 20:32, 2Tim 2:15.
      Workers' Chapter Guide

      Assurance- 1John 5.
      Backsliding- Jer. 3
      Comfort- 2Cor. 7
      Courage- Josh. 1
      Daily Life- Luke 12
      Faith- Heb. 12
      Gospel Epitome- Rom. 10
      Growth- Eph. 4
      Hope- Psa. 25
      Love- 1Cor. 13, 1John 3
      Peace- John 14
      Prayer- Matt. 6
      Refuge- Psa. 46
      Regeneration- John 3
      Repentance- Luke 13
      Salvation- Isa. 55
      Skepticism- Psa. 73
      Service- Luke 10
      Sin- Isa. 1
      Thanksgiving- Psa. 103
      Tithing- Mal. 3
      Work- Jer. 2

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