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The Life and Ministry of John Banks: Chapter 3 - John Bousted's Testimony

By John Banks

      He was a faithful minister of Christ in this his glorious Gospel day after that long and dark night of apostasy which had spread itself over the nations, in which many were made drunk with the cup of fornication. After it had pleased the eternal, wise God to open his understanding and to let him see his own state and condition, and reveal his Son in him, he was made willing to give up freely to the heavenly and inward appearance of Christ Jesus, the hope of glory. And as he was obedient thereunto, he was intrusted with a large gift of the ministry, in which he grew and was made powerful in it, to the turning of many unto the right way of the Lord, who were convinced of the evil of their ways and turned unto Jesus Christ, their free teacher, and were made to bless the Lord on his behalf, that it should please the Lord to send him amongst them who had sat in darkness and under the region of the shadow of death. He was skillful in dividing of the word aright, having milk for babes and stronger meat for those of riper age.

      I knew him well, and truly loved and honored him, for he was worthy of double honor, as one that ruled well in the church of Christ. As he was bold in asserting the truth, so he was valiant in suffering for it, both by imprisonment and in spoiling of his goods. When at liberty, he traveled much in divers parts of this nation, also in Ireland and Scotland, and in many places where it was my lot to follow him, I found of the fruits of his labors, both by the convincement of some and the settlement of others. For great was his labor in the love of Christ our Lord.

      Although he was sharp in his rebukes to the unfaithful and to backsliders, yet in admonition he was gentle and courteous, God having given him the spirit of discerning and of a sound judgment. I speak these things to the honor of the hand that raised him up, with fervent and true desires to the Lord that he may raise up and send forth many more faithful laborers into his harvest. For the harvest is great, and the true laborers are but few.

      John Bousted.

      Aglionbye, the 25th of the Ninth month, 1711.

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