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Philippian Studies: Preface and Introduction

By H. C. G. Moule


      Lessons in Faith and Love from
      St. Paul's Epistle to the Philippians


      H. C. G. MOULE, D.D.

      Principal of Ridley Hall and Formerly Fellow of Trinity College

      "Let us pray to God, that we may speak,
      think, believe, live,
      and depart hence, according to the
      wholesome doctrine and verities
      of His Word."
      THE HOMILIES, i, 1.

      Third Edition

                     TO THE

                     REV. G. A. SCHNEIDER, M.A.,


                     THIS BOOK IS INSCRIBED

                     IM TOKEN OF WARM FRIENDSHIP



         "Thou the Way art, Thou the Prize
            That beyond the journey lies;
            Thou the Truth art, Thou the Guide,
            Gone before, yet at our side;
            Everlasting life below
            It is truly Thee to know:
         Such to Thy Saints wast Thou of yore;
         Unchangeable Thou art, and shall be evermore."


      The plan and purpose of the following pages will be soon evident to the reader.   The whole aim is towards edification.   What is said in the way of historical introduction, what is done in the course of the chapters in the way of rendering and grammatical explanation, all has this aim in view.   The Epistle is handled throughout with the firm belief that it is an Oracle of God, while that Oracle is conveyed through the mind and heart of one of the greatest of the sons of men; and the Expositor's aim accordingly is always, and above all things, to expound.   To put it otherwise, his highest ambition is to call attention to the sacred text, and let it speak.

      May the Lord of the Apostle, of the Philippians, of ourselves, only grant that His mercy may rest upon this poor contribution to the exegesis of His inexhaustible Word.   May it be permitted to throw a quiet light upon some of the treasures of this apostolic casket, to the help, in any measures, of the disciples of our day.   Then will the Expositor indeed give thanks to the Master at whose feet he lays his work.


      "Holy Scripture is the Letter of God Almighty to His creatures; learn
      God's heart in God's Words."

               - GREGORY THE GREAT, Epist., iv. 31.

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