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A.T. Robertson
1863 - 1934

      Archibald Thomas Robertson was born in 1863 and the Civil War was already taking a bad turn for the Southern cause. A.T.'s father was a country doctor and plantation owner who lost the majority of his fortune during and after the war. After suffering the devastating effects of Reconstruction, the family moved to Statesville, North Carolina to work a small farm. There on the farm, A.T. learned to make things grow. He would spend most of his life making the Word of God grow in the hearts of people around the world.

      Robertson exemplified the Baptist tradition of preaching scholars. Robertson never lost his love for preaching. One needs only to hear Robertson himself to feel his passion for preaching.

      In the early 1900's, AT. was a founding member of the Baptist World Congress now known as The Baptist World Alliance. In 1914 his ministry was also broadened through a series of summer Bible conferences with D.L. Moody and F.B. Meyer, introducing Robertson to thousands of pastors and layman alike. He died of a stroke on September 24, 1934.

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