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Ray C. Stedman 1917 - 1992

      Ray came to know the Lord at a Methodist revival meeting at age of ten and, living on a farm, began to preach to the cows. His dream was to one day become a surgeon, and after high school in Montana he entered a premed course at Whitworth College, Spokane, Washington.

      Financial difficulties forced him to drop out. After working in Montana, Chicago, Illinois, and Denver, he moved to Hawaii to work for Libby Pineapple when World War II broke out. He enlisted in the Navy there in 1943.

      During the Hawaii years Ray began to lead Bible studies for both civilian workers and navy personnel as well as preaching on a local radio program. It was during this season that Ray realized the Lord wanted him in full time vocational ministry.

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God's Answer To Man's Need: Exodus
      As we have already abundantly seen, Genesis is the book that reveals the need of mankind. It is all about man--the creation of man, the sin of man, the world in which he is placed, and his slow journey through time groping after God. Its very last phrase, "a coffin in Egypt," is a revelation that the most you can say about man when you have said

Highlights of the Bible
      Part One: Introduction: Invitation to a Journey The Bible is easily the most fascinating book in the world. Granted it doesn't often appear as such to many. Some have even thought it to be dry and even boring. But that is surely because they have not spent much time with it. 1t is a book of wonderful variety. There are beautiful love stories whic

Source of Fruit
      " . . . How can you know when you are in the flesh and when you are in the Spirit?" The answer is: by what is produced in the life! The flesh invariably produces one kind of life; the Spirit invariably produces another king. Jesus has this truth in mind when he says: "By their fruits you shall know them" (Matt. 7:20). . . . . Until one beco

The Beginnings of Mankind: Genesis 1-11
      It's no exaggeration to say that there are no writings more important for the proper understanding of history and man than the first chapters of Genesis. Here is hidden the secret of man's sinfulness, that terrible mystery of evil and darkness which continually confronts us in this modern world. In this section is the key to the relationship of t

The Incomplete Life: Numbers, Deuteronomy
      Numbers takes its title from the census with which it begins and that with which it ends. It opens in the wilderness of Sinai, in the second year after the Israelites had left Egypt, and closes at the edge of the Promised Land, 40 years later. In between is a long and sad record of the failure of Israel to believe in God's provision and power duri

The Need of Mankind: Genesis 12-50
      Imaginative writers of our day seek continually to depict what kind of world this would be after an atomic holocaust had completely wiped out all life as we know it. What would it be like to be the first people to start out in such a world? Noah and his family knew, for that is exactly what happened after the flood. Physically and materially the

The Way to Victory: Joshua
      The time had come for the people of Israel to enter into the land of promise. All those who left Egypt some 40 years before had perished in the wilderness, except for Caleb and Joshua. A new generation had grown up in the wilderness journey. Moses had fully instructed them in the laws and the sacrifices before he died, and Joshua had assumed the ta

The Way to Wholeness: Leviticus
      The book of Leviticus is probably most famous for being the place where many people stop in their reading through the Bible. It seems to be a book of strange ceremonies and sacrifices with many odd restrictions, problems of diet, and other difficulties which seem meaningless. But properly understood, Leviticus is one of the most beautiful books of

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