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ArticleThe God of Jacob
      This divine title-"The God of Jacob"-is found at least fourteen times in the Old Testament, and in addition, three times we read of "The mighty God of Jacob." Such frequent repetition argues a deep significance, and suggests valuable lessons to be learned. We never read of the God of Moses, the God of Joshua, or the God of Solomon. Why then has God
ArticleThe Gospel of Satan
      Satan is the arch-counterfeiter. As we have seen, the Devil is now busy at work in the same field in which the Lord sowed the good seed. He is seeking to prevent the growth of the wheat by another plant, the tares, which closely resembles the wheat in appearance. In a word, by a process of imitation he is aiming to neutralize the Word of Christ. Th
DevotionalThe Holiness of God
      Because God is holy, acceptance with Him on the ground of creature-doings is utterly impossible. A fallen creature could sooner create a world than produce that which would meet the approval of infinite Purity. Can darkness dwell with Light? Can the Immaculate One take pleasure with "filthy rags" (Isa. 64:6)? The best that sinful man brings forth i
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 1. Introduction
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: January, 1939 Two things are absolutely essential for the maintenance of vital godliness: the profession of its truth and the practice or exercise of its power, for they mutually assist each other. Where there is no profession of faith in its truth, none will express its power in obedience; and without
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 2. Its Institution
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: February, 1939 "And on the seventh day God ended His work which He had made; and He rested on the seventh day from His work which He had made. And God blessed the seventh day and sanctified it: because that in it He had rested from all His work which God created and made" (Gen. 2:2, 3). Before commenti
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 3. Its History
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: March, 1939 In our examination of the original institution of the Holy Sabbath we pondered the three acts of the Creator as recorded in Genesis 2:3, each of which had distinct and special reference to man. First, God "rested on the seventh day," thereby giving an example for us to follow. But this was
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 4. Its Renewal
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: April, 1939 In order to bridge the small gap between this article and last month's, we must ponder a very striking passage in Exodus 16, from which we may learn some facts of deep importance concerning the existence and observance of the Holy Sabbath prior to Israel's reaching Sinai. That chapter recor
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 5. Its Pollution
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: May, 1939 The importance and value of the Sabbath is evidenced by the many, varied, and precious objects which, from the dawn of its institution, it was designed to accomplish. Under the Patriarchal dispensation it was a real and powerful witness for the existence of God, His creative power, His sovere
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 6. Its Perpetuation
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: June, 1939 We now approach what is to us, upon whom the ends of the ages are come (1 Cor. 10:11), the most pertinent and important aspect of our subject. It is therefore necessary to proceed slowly and enter more into detail, especially as there is so much confusion and error at this point. In seeking
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 7. Its Perpetuation Continued
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: July, 1939 Continuing at the point where we left off last month, let the reader ponder carefully the following questions. Does a weekly return of a day, separated from ordinary employment and consecrated to the immediate service and worship of God, seem to run contrary to the evident scope and tendency
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 8. Its Christianization
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: August, 1939 That the Judaical Sabbath, as such, has been abolished, we unhesitatingly affirm; but to conclude from this that there is now no "Sabbath" in the strict and proper sense of that term, we emphatically deny. Serious errors have been committed at either extreme. On the one hand there has been
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 9. Its Christianization Continued
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: September, 1939 In the first section of our remarks upon the Christianization of the Sabbath (in the August issue) we confined our attention mainly to two things. First, in pointing out that the many arguments advanced for the perpetuation of the Sabbath in this dispensation (June and July articles) ca
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 10. Its Christianization Continued
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: October, 1939 From the beginning God determined that the ruination of the old creation should be followed by the producing of a new creation, with a new law of that creation, a new covenant, and a new Sabbath rest, unto His own glory by Jesus Christ. The renovation of all things by the Mediator was Div
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 11. Its Christianization Continued
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: November, 1939 In these particular articles upon the Christianization of the Sabbath we are seeking to establish (from Scripture) two things. First, that there is a Sabbath appointed by God for this dispensation--a Christian Sabbath for His people to keep holy and enjoy. Second, that this Christian Sab
ArticleThe Holy Sabbath: 12. Its Observance
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: December, 1939 previous articles it has been shown that the Sabbath was instituted in Eden, observed by the Patriarchs and renewed at Sinai--and that Israel's prosperity and enjoyment of God's blessings was to a large extent determined by their observance or non-observance of this Divine ordinance. Tu
ArticleThe Hope of His Calling
      What is meant by "the hope of His calling"? This is really a double question: What is meant by the word hope in this passage, and what is meant by His calling? In Scripture hope always respects something future, and signifies far more than a mere wish that it may be realized. It sets forth a confident expectation that it will be realized (Ps. 16
DevotionalThe Impotency of the Human Will
      Does it lie within the province of man's will to accept or reject the Lord Jesus as Saviour? Granted that the Gospel is preached to the sinner, that the Holy Spirit convicts him of his lost condition, does it, in the final analysis, lie within the power of his own will to resist or yield himself up to God? The answer to this question defines our co
DevotionalThe Longsuffering of God
      "How wondrous is God's patience with the world today. On every side people are sinning with a high hand. The Divine law is trampled under foot and God Himself openly despised. It is truly amazing that he does not instantly strike dead those who so brazenly defy Him. Why does He not suddenly cut off the haughty infidel and blatant blasphemer, as He
ArticleThe Meaning of "KOSMOS" in John 3:16
      It may appear to some of our readers that the exposition we have given of John 3:16 in the chapter on "Difficulties and Objections" is a forced and unnatural one, inasmuch as our definition of the term "world" seems to be out of harmony with the meaning and scope of this word in other passages, where, to supply the world of believers (God's elect)
ArticleThe Mother of Jesus
      From Studies in the Scriptures Publication: May, 1939 The touching incident of our Lord on the Cross, commending His Mother to the care of John, has often been the subject of comment, and always with the object of pointing out His tender filial care for her, and His wish that she should not be left desolate. Doubtless such was His purpose; but w

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