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George G. Findlay

      George G. Findlay, D.D., was a Professor of New Testament Language and Literature at the Wesleyan College, Headingley.

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DevotionalAscension of Christ
      "Our Lord ascended as the Son of God returning to His proper place," writes George Findlay. Jesus told Mary Magdalene, "Tell My brethren, I ascend unto My Father." The ascent of Jesus is a final seal put upon His divinity; it consummates the resurrection, by which He was "declared to be the Son of God with power." It is the resurrection finishe
DevotionalGlorified Ascended Son of God
      "Jesus went up where He was before, but not as He was. He resumed the glory which He had with the Father before the world was; but He assumed a new glory hitherto unknown, that follows on His sufferings." George Findlay in "The Ascension of Jesus" writes: We are to understand that the Lord Jesus ascends as the glorified Son of man, as the ackno
DevotionalJesus Right Hand of God
      The same Jesus teaching and healing the multitude, sitting weary by the well-side, dying as the good Shepherd for His sheep, and seated now at the right hand of God in everlasting power and glory. When He says, "Tell My brethren, I ascend!" this is not to be defeated, exiled, forgotten, but to live for men and rule over men for ever. . . . . Th

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