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M.L. Dye

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Authority of Christ-Supreme and Absolute
      When God sent our Savior from Heaven to this sin ruined orb, He set forth clear and unmistakable evidence of our Savior's divinity. Though Christ partook of human flesh, He was absolutely unique, or different from all other mortals, as we shall note. First: He was unique in the fact that His Spirit came from another world to this world. He s

Christ's Own Definition of Sin.
      The Greek Philosopher, Plato, said, "If you would converse with me, please, first, define your terms." We are told that one of the first marks of intelligence is the ability to distinguish between things that are different. Before we further consider what our Savior taught about sin, let us see how the Son of God defined that term. Let us look at

Nine Awful Fallacies.
      Nine awful fallacies that seek to excuse sin, and which Satan uses to defeat the purpose of Christ in the lives of those who believe them: There are some men who put in their creed, 'We sin every day, in thought, word, and deed.' Then, ignoring God's laws, they will often proceed To walk with the devil, and live by their creed. Fallacy No.

The Great Separation
      JESUS TAUGHT THAT THERE WILL BE A GREAT SEPARATION Jesus clearly definitely and repeated declared that a time is coming when "before Him shall be gathered the nations of the world and He shall separate them as a shepherd divideth the sheep from the goats." Their destiny? "These shall go into everlasting punishment but the righteous into Life

The True Meaning of Calvary.
      It has often been stated that Charles G. Finney was the greatest theologian of the entire Christian era Five hundred lawyers and judges of the New York State Bar Association invited him to present to them the claims of the Gospel in a two week series of meetings. On the last night he called on them for a full surrender of their lives to Jesus Ch

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