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A Plain Battle Between The Children Of Darkness And The Children Of Light
      From the days of Abraham until this day, there has always been a church within the church,and in our fallen condition it seems well nigh impossible to be otherwise. As the body enlarges, ithas never failed to have an outside rim of worldlings. These have never failed to be the greatesthindrance to her real prosperity. They add to her numbers, but d

Complete Preservation, Must be Preceded by Complete Salvation
      Is there a remedy for impatience? We answer, yes, and we know its genuineness, for we have tested it. But it is important todistinguish between the act of God by which we are saved from a sinful state, or condition, and thesubsequent processes by which we are kept from returning to it. I understand God has plannedcomplete salvation, and then promis

How Kept From Impatience After We Are Sanctified
      We have seen that patience cannot have her perfect work in any human soul, till thatgreatest of all disturbing elements, the carnal mind, is destroyed within. It is true that not a remnantof impatience is left, when God wholly sanctifies. The office work of complete sanctification, isnot to destroy any of our faculties, but to eliminate all antagon

Impatience and Our Exceeding Liability
      Webster defines impatience: as "The quality of being impatient; want of endurance of pain,suffering, opposition, or delay; eagerness for change, or something expected; restlessness; chafingof spirit, fretfulness; passion; as the impatience of a child or of an invalid." Impatient: "as notbearing with composure; intolerant, uneasy; fretful; restle

Impatience is a Robber
      To dwell upon our failures is not a pleasant exercise, but their study in the light of the HolySpirit, is needed to make them hateful to us. Among the most subtle of Satan's plans is to lead to alight estimate of wrong doing. There has not been a period in ten centuries when sin has been madeto appear so innocent and lamb-like, as in this generati

Imptaitnce is a Soul-Destroying, God-Discouraging, and Devil-Begotten Spirit
      We had but a feeble apprehension of this subject, till drawn out in its study under the lightof the Holy Spirit. Impatience in a completely holy man, does not spring from inbred corruptionnor necessarily from a foreign source. Angels sinned when there was no sin preceding their act,nor devil to tempt them. So it is possible for holy men to sin, eve

Past And Present Characteristics Of Methodism
      In the previous chapter we were summing up the characteristics of present spiritualdecline, in the points of contrast between the primitive church in her purity, and after hercorruption by the influx of a million worldlings, in the days of Constantine. The first of these wasgreat darkness in the official church and ministry. A darkness which largel

The Church, Visible And Invisible
      The church of the New Testament called the "Body of Christ," is made up of those andthose only, who have been truly born of God. This is called the invisible church, or "Body ofChrist," because He alone knows its membership. While of the millions of the ransomed, each onemay know himself or herself, to have been thus born, Christ alone knows al

The Methodist Church May Yet Fulfill Her Calling
      The Methodist Church may yet full her calling and be the leading spiritual force in God'sKingdom to the end of time, by maintaining her fundamental doctrines, and a speedy return to herprimitive teaching and practice of holiness. It is much easier to point out a diseased moral condition than to prescribe a remedy. It ispossible to be a born co

The Subtlety With Which Such Are Feeling For Her Vitals
      There is nothing in the universe so subtle as the carnal mind, for it is the direct outflow ofSatanic subtlety. No quality of this depraved essence within equals its subtlety unless it be itsenmity toward God and holiness. The power given to diffuse itself, into every part of the life, as atempting agency to its possessor, though otherwise a good m

Unsaved Church Members, The Essential Enemies Of Her Spirituality
      A wretched backslider, whose darkness had become so deep that he was posing as askeptic was wonderfully saved this summer. His soul was so flooded with glory that he went fromhouse to house, as saved people often used to do, declaring the great things God had done for him.His testimony in the church was so clear and assuring that a number of young

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