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Rees Howells

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He That Gives To the Poor Shall Not Lack
      The first big test on giving came with a man in very poor circumstances, the lowest of the low before he was converted. One morning the Lord laid a burden on me for him and told me to pray for him because he was in difficulties. The devil was attacking him and I saw that a contest was going on for his soul. It was a very keen spiritual fight. I tol

Loving As He
      When the Holy Spirit asked me to love every tramp on the road it was not I who really became responsible for them but God. He said, "You do to them what the father did to his prodigal son in the parable." I knew well what that father did; I had preached on it many times! The Lord said, "I died for each one of these, and when you love as I love,

The Sufferings of Christ
      There are sufferings still left for the Church, to be fulfilled in us, but you cannot come to Christ's sufferings until you have finished with your own. The afflictions of Christ are the afflictions of the kingdom and he is afflicted with us in them. As Isaiah said, "in all their afflictions he was afflicted and the angel of his presence saved th

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