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John Jewel
1522 - 1571

      John Jewel was an English bishop of Salisbury. He studied at Oxford, and in 1546 openly professed the tenets of the Reformers. Having obtained the living of Sunningwell, Berks, he distinguished himself by his zeal and assiduity as a parish priest, but at the accession of Queen Mary, to avoid persecution as a heretic, he escaped to the Continent and became vice-master of a college at Strasbourg.
      On the death of Mary he returned to England, and was received with great favour by Queen Elizabeth, who in 1560 appointed him to the Bishopric of Salisbury. He wrote several works against popery; the principal 'An apology for the Church of England', was translated into every European language, and had more effect, it was said, in promoting the Reformation than any other book ever published. Jewell died in 1571.

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SermonOn the Holy Communion and the Mass
       The sermon from which the following extract is taken was preached at St. Paul's Cross in 1559, and produced an immense sensation. It was afterwards repeated at Court - in it Jewell specified twenty-seven points of doctrine held by the Church of Rome, and offered to become a Papist if any person could produce sufficient evidence that any one of the
      Among all his creatures in heaven or earth, God hath not made any like unto the sun in the firmament, the beams whereof are beautiful and pleasant, and do give comfort in all places to all things. It rejoiceth the whole, and relieveth the sick; it causeth birds to sing, fishes to play, cattle to stir, worms to creep, grass to grow, and trees to bri
The Apology of the Church of England - Table of Contents
       THE APOLOGY OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND. BY JOHN JEWEL, Bishop of Salisbury . CASSELL & COMPANY, LIMITED: LONDON , PARIS , NEW YORK & MELBOURNE . 1888. AN APOLOGY, OR ANSWER, IN DEFENCE OF THE CHURCH OF ENGLAND, With a Brief and Plain Declaration of the True Religion Professed and Used in the Same . INTRODUCTION. The great inte

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