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Henry Drummond

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The Ideal Life - Table of Contents
       INTRODUCTORY NOTE The addresses which make up this volume were written by Professor Drummond between the years 1876 and 1881, and are now published to meet the wishes of those who heard some of them delivered, and in the hope that they may continue his work. They were never prepared for publication, and have been printed from his manuscripts wi
SermonThe Ideal Man
      YOU are to have many speakers tonight, and my words are necessarily exceedingly few, and I desire to devote them however informal they may be, to state principles; because when one gets hold of principles, one can arrange many facts and many ideas and many aspirations around them. And I want to be quite informal--this is an informal night, it is th
SermonThe Kingdom of God and Your Part in it
      "The futility of saving men by speech" is not a whole truth, but it is the large part of a truth. Imagine a life-saving crew trying to save wrecked mariners simply by calling to them, and not throwing out a life line or putting off in a boat after them! It is a case of life for life--a man laying down his own life for others, as Christ did. In tal
The New Evangelism - Table of Contents
       The New Evangelism and other Papers by HENRY DRUMMOND, Author of "Natural Law in the Spiritual World," "The Ideal Life," etc. 1899 NOTE WITH the exception of the article on "The Contribution of Science to Christianity," which appeared in The Expositor, none of the following papers were intended for publication, nor were they revised by
PamphletThe Programme of Christianity
       To Preach Good Tidings unto the Meek: To Bind up the Broken-hearted: To proclaim Liberty to the Captives and the Opening of the Prison to Them that are Bound: To Proclaim the Acceptable Year of the Lord, and the Day of Vengeance of our God: To Comfort all that Mourn: To Appoint unto them that Mourn in Zion: To Give unto
SermonThe Three Elements of a Complete Life
      Students are very often recommended to invest in certain books. I am going to take the liberty of suggesting to some of you to buy a certain picture which you can get for a very few cents. Most of you have already seen it. It is "The Angelus." It is an illuminated text. God speaks through you. He also speaks through art. I want to hang up this pict

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