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George Fox

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LetterTo The Prisoners
       To The Prisoners (1657) Friends, - Ye that are the prisoners of the the Lord Jesus Christ in outward bonds, who witness him by whom the world was made, who is the King of saints, and who are his, and come under his dominion and government, ye are not your own; but purchased with his blood, which washes and makes you clean, and justifies, whose
LetterTo The Suffering Friends Of Dantzic
       To The Suffering Friends Of Dantzic (1684) Friends, with my love in the Lord Jesus Christ to you, who is your saviour and prophet, that God has raised up for you, to hear in all things; your shepherd, that has laid down his life for you, whose voice ye must hear, who will feed you in his living pastures of life, who is your priest, that offere
LetterTrust Not in Man
       Trust Not In Man (1661) Friends, - Trust not in man, nor in the arm of flesh, neither put confidence in them, but in the Lord. Judge yourselves, and keep down the boaster, and that which would be high; under judgment keep that down, but the power of God in yourselves, lest the Lord God bring upon you something without you to bring you down, wh

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