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RANTERS - Section Eight: How This Government Altogether Differeth From the Oppressing and Persecuting Principality of the Church of Rome, and Other Anti-Christian Assemblies.
      Whatever way we understand the popish principles in this matter, whether of those that are most devoted to the see of Rome, as the king of Spain's dominions, and the princes of Italy; the Jesuits and generality of all those called religious orders, who hold, that Papa in cathedra non potest errare, licet absque concilio; that is, That the pope in

RANTERS - Section Five: In What Cases, and How Far This Government Extends
      I shall begin with that which gave the first rise for this order among the apostles; and I do verily believe, might have been among the first occasions, that gave the like among us, and that is, the care of the poor, of widows and orphans. Love and compa ssion are the great, yea, and the chiefest marks of Christianity; hereby shall it be known, sai

RANTERS - Section Four: Of the Order and Government We Plead For
      It will be needful then, before I proceed to describe the order and government of the church, to consider, what is or may be properly understood by the church; for some (as I touched before) seem to be offended, or at least afraid of the very word, because the "power of the church, the order of the church, the judgment of the church," and such li

RANTERS - Section One: The Introduction and Method of this Treatise
      After that the Lord God in his own appointed time had seen meet to put an end to the dispensation of the law, which was delivered to the children of Israel by the ministry of Moses; through and by whom he did communicate unto them in the wilderness from Mount Sinai divers commandments, ordinances, appointments, and observations, according as they a

RANTERS - Section Seven: Concerning the Power of Decision
      Seeing then, it may fall out in the Church of Christ, that both some may assume another place in the body than they ought, and others may lay claim to a liberty, and pretend conscience in thing's they ought not, and that without question the wrong is not to be tolerated, but to be testified against, however specious its appearance may be; and that

RANTERS - Section Six: How Far This Government Extends in Matters Spiritual and Purely Conscientious
      Thus far I have considered the order and governmcut of the church, as it respects outward things; and its authority in condemning or removing such things, which in themselves are evil, as being those, which none will readily justify the necessity of which things is such, that few but will acknowledge the care and order in these cases to be commenda

RANTERS - Section Three: Whether There be any Order or Government in the Church of Christ
      In answer to this proposition, I meddle not at this time with those, that deny any such thing as a Church of Christ; I have reserved their plea to another place. Neither need I be at much pains to prove the affirmative, to wit "that there ought to be go vernment and order in the Church of Christ," unto the generality of our opposers, both Papists

RANTERS - Section Two: Concerning the Ground and Cause of This Controversy
      When as the Lord God by his mighty power began to visit the nations with the dawning of his heavenly day, (for thus I write unto those that have received and believed the truth,) and that he sent forth his instruments, whom he had fitted and prepared fo r his work, having fashioned them not according to the wisdom and will of man, but to his own he

RANTERS - The Conclusion.
      The substance, then, of what is asserted and proved in this Treatise, resolves in these following particulars: First, That in the church of Christ, when it consists of a visible people (for I speak not here of the church in the dark night of apostasy, that consisted not of any society visibly united) gathered into the belief of certain principles

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